Njam – cooking 24 x 7

The best decision the Belgian Mediaworld took, was definitely to create the cooking channel Njam.

Classic French kitchen, molecular, innovative cuisine, desserts, cocktails, etc… the list is just endless on how many different shows Njam has. Personally I never get enough of the Njam channel, obviously I have my favorites. If I would need to name my preferred International chef (non Belgian) I would say Antonio Carluccio, withouuuuut any doubt!! If you see him on his trip through Italy, I feel like stepping on the first plane and join him. Amongst the Belgian Chefs I would my first award would go to Johan Segers! You can just see his passion for cooking and his respect for the products he works with. Hearing him talk and explain really makes people  go into the kitchen and start cooking. The same goes for Jan Buytaert.  It won’t come as a surprise that I also have sweet tooth. That tooth gets satisfied  by two amazing pastry chefs Roger Van Dammeand Dominique Persoone, again like with Johan Segers, you can see these chef’s passion for what they do. Last but not least I really enjoy watching Njam co-founder, 3 Michelin-star chef and chef of the 14th best restaurant in the world Peter Goossens! On Njam he shows how a classical dish can be made in a gastronomical way, keeping the main ingredients…. Too bad I can’t taste all the dishes the Njam chefs J

Thanks to Njam tv (“les excuses sont fait pour s’excuser” the French would say)  me and a 3 friends decided to have a “Gastronomical odyssey” and seek for the best food in Belgium (to start with).

Let yourself carry away through the world of Gastronomy!

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