Visiting my brother….

Last Friday it set sail to my brother’s house in Lichtaart, a little town about an 45 minutes from Antwerp. Normally when going to my brother, he cooks something, as he’s a very good cook  and he always serves us great wine…. So what more would one need?! But this time we decided to go out, to give my brother the chance to relax for one evening.  As I’m not really familiar with the area, he chose the restaurant and  took us to Restaurant Den Cardijn.  A really nice little cottage in the “city” center of Lichtaart.


We of course had to start the wonderful evening in a proper way, and  what better way the with a nice glass of bubbles  🙂 . For the choice of the wine, we just took one of the suggestions they had (Madonna Alta, Grechetto). I liked the wine, but if it would have had a little bit extra vivacity it would have been better. The food on the other side, was really nice. To Start I took the “Bombe of salmon with grey (north sea) shrimps and mango salsa”. My brother and his wife took home made croquettes with a shrimp filling and my girlfriend took smoked salmon.


The reason my brother always goes to “Den Cardijn” is to eat their “Gambas a la plancha”… so you obviously know what he had as main dish 🙂  My girlfriend joined him in that idea. I just took a nice steak with béarnaise sauce and French fries (I just needed to eat some red meat). My brother’s wife, she took Mussels (shellfish) with French fries… although she is pregnant and it is said that it’s not good for pregnant women … but she really craved for it 🙂


 I really enjoyed eating here. They really have fair prices for their food and wine.


But what made my evening in this restaurant even more special, was that my brother asked me if I wanted to be godfather of his, in October to be born, baby… to which I of course said YES!!




Restaurant Den Cardijn






                Mgr. Cardijnstraat 34


                2460 Kasterlee, Belgium


 Phone n°: +32 (0) 14 71 33 08


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