There’s no place like home

Last Friday I had a dinner with some colleagues and like every time, they relied on me to find a nice place to eat. This was not an easy task as I need to keep my reputation high and since my colleagues also wanted to try something new.  This time we choose to go to Josephine’s. Entering this restaurant is like entering your grandmother’s living room (but then with a few modern touches), velvet sofas, retro coffee tables, etc …

This part of the restaurant is used as a bar and therefore we choose to take our aperitif in one of the funky sofas. Two of my colleagues and myself took some bubbles (Veuve de mormont) while the others went for a beer cocktail and an iced mint tea.  For an unknown reason we received a plate of fine meats and olives (the guests sitting beside us didn’t get this), but maybe it came with one of our aperitifs .

We also passed our orders in granny’s living room. 4 of us took the suggestions:  Mechselse Koekoek (type of chicken) filled with Italian ham and zucchini, fresh linguini and oregano sauce (gravy sauce) and this was also what I took. The others took the Yellow fin tuna  with green asparagus, shiitakes and mashes potatoes with a butter/spring onion sauce.  One of my colleagues  chose the trademark dish of the restaurant called “Black angus”.  We all took different wines to accompany our dishes. I took the Australian Shiraz that to my opinion nicely matched the dish.  We all enjoyed our meals and I really like it when I have a full taste while eating (for example if a gravy didn’t cook enough it would be tasteless). The tuna was also cooked as it should.

Last but not least, before ordering I already saw the “Tarte Tatin” on the menu (and you guys know how much I love it) so I HAD to go for it. My colleagues took the Chocolate Brownie.

I should also mention the extra touch to my Tarte Tatin, they did a live flambé of the Tarte Tatin with Rum.  So it feels like it’s your birthday and the restaurants does something special, but if there is one thing I HATE, it is to be in the center of the attention in a restaurant (even when it is my birthday). I would hereby like to thank my table companions, formerly known as “my colleagues”, for singing “Happy Birthday”(it wasn’t even my birthday) when I got my dessert (MY REVENGE WILL BE SWEET) 🙂 🙂

Again a nice discovery in the city center of Antwerp and the feeling of coming home.

Ah one more thing, they sometimes also have live Jazz sets in the restaurant!!

Restaurant Josephine’s



                Gentplaats 1

                2000 Antwerp, Belgium

Phone n°: +32 (0) 3 248 95 95

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