Meat and eat, what’s in a name :-)

I could try to give this post a better title, but why… the name speaks for itself.

A while ago I was at this event near the marnixplaats in Antwerp and that’s when I noticed this little restaurant  that really attracted me a lot called Meat and Eat…  I think it was because it is small restaurant, where you can see the chef prepare your meal.

So last week I decided to go there with a buddy of mine. The place was really full, and people really kept coming.. So lucky for us we made a reservation 🙂. As you might have already imagine, this restaurant is specialized in meat, so if you are a veggie I wouldn’t really recommend this restaurant…

The story behind this restaurant is actually also very nice. This restaurants used to be butchery from the father of the current owners. The 3 brothers wanted in some way continue in their father’s foodsteps… what they did with opening a meat restaurant, where you get served good meat for a normal price. And I really want to add that the owners are of a remarkable friendliness .

As it was Thursday, we took the Thursday special which includes a piece of steak of 700g for 2 with French fries, salad and a bottle of wine. ME LIKE 🙂

I enjoyed myself and would for sure return!

Bistro Meat & Eat:



Vrijheidstraat 63

2000 Antwerp, Belgium

Phone n°: +32 (0) 3 238.11.15

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