Megavino 2014

Normally I’m not too crazy about going to wine fairs. Megavino made me change my mind this year.. Like for example with the fact that this year’s guest country is Portugal and you guys know how much I like Portuguese wines?! They have some very interesting masterclasses like one given by my friend Cesar Roman (Comme Chez Soi) where he will be talking about wines in Amphora or one where you can discover which is your preferred French wine region, etc…. I’m also looking forward discovering new vineyards and seeing back some old friends…

I can only advice everybody to make a visit Megavino and who knows what discoveries you’ll make.


The Bistronomy story continues

Sunday I was at the introduction of the already 3rd edition of the Bistronomie guide. I’m a fan of the bistronomie concept! No I’m not saying this because they invited me for the introduction…. I’m saying it because they (Steve, Johannes and all the chefs who are in the guide) have the same idea as me about food… Keep it simple and no nonsense. For me it all comes down to that as you now more than ever you see people all going and wanting to go back to basics. Everybody (including me) wants honest food, for honest prices and without too much fuzz. A good example would be restaurant Les Eleveurs that changed its concept from having a Michelin star into stepping in the Bistronomie “concept”. To quote Andy De Brouwer “the fact that I can wear a polo-shirt instead of a regular shirt is a huge difference”… there obviously is more to it than only the clothing, but I’m sure you know where I’m getting at 🙂

The fact that the Bistronomie guide every year has more restaurants in it proves that what I said before is right :-)…if you know which ones got added, only one way to find out 🙂 🙂 When I read through the guide I’m always surprised how many restaurants I already did, but even more how many more there are still to try…


The world on your plate

I already had this for a while, but I forgot to share it with you guys… For the International Food day in Sydney or better to promote the International Food day the organization behind the festival created 18 country flags using food/dishes each country is known for and obviously in the correct colors of the flags . Talking about being creative..right?

Too bad they didn’t have one for Belgium. I wouldn’t know which ingredients or dishes to use to make a match. Would you? Maybe we can make one ourselves?  The red and yellow would be easy, but the black?? Unless I would just burn a dish 😉 🙂

Anyhow, please feast your eyes on some of the beauties they made




It is difficult to say which one is my favorite, but Thailand makes a good chance :-)Please find all 18 flags on the following link.

My compliments to WHYBIN\TBWA!

Konfijt the ultimate food and music combo


I know it has already been almost 2 weeks, but I just had to write something small about Konfijt the food and music festival organized by Wouter Keersmaekers’ (you might remember from a previous blogpost). Combining food and music has always been a hit, but combining great food and great music got even my interest :-). Although the fact Wouter himself cooking was already  enough reason for me to go, but when finding out he had people like his mom, Ingrid Neven (Pazzo), Olivier De Vinck (Kommilfoo), Wouter van Steenwinkel (Ardent), Dennis Broeckx (épicerie du cirque) and the list goes on and on (entire list) cooking at this event made me want  to be part of it more and experience it at the fullest! It is through that I initially was a bit afraid it would become a mass event, but luckily Wouter wanted to keep it relatively small and most importantly cozy.

Wouter and his mom by Jurgen aerts

Ardent vs Graanmarkt 13

Pazzo vs komilfoo

schone van boskoop


I know the music was also a big part of the festival and that I’ve only been talking about the food…but I just like food that much… nevertheless I discovered some nice bands (so Wouter, I’d say mission accomplished).  At some point they even had a rabbit kind of thing (or whatever it had to represent) on the stage playing a snare drum (and I’m sure I didn’t have too much to drink yet)

Rabbit by jurgen aerts

The problem with some food festivals is that you only get to taste the dishes (which isn’t necessarily bad), but what made Konfijt the better festival for me was that you actually got to see the chefs prepare the dishes and hear them talk about their dish with some help from Cathérine Vandoorne (who FYI has a very nice voice to listen to) who was the host on the stage.  Anyhow it was nice to see local (young) chefs prepare ‘simple’ but very tasteful dishes (ok, the best part was still the tasting).







The frosting on the cake on the whole festival for me was the little market where there were local craftsmen like the  miller of the stone mill in Boechout (Den Steenen Molen) from which I didn’t know it existed and even still gets used today to make flour.  Or the owner from Migino that makes oil from all different kinds of nuts that happens to be one of Wouter Keersmaekers’ preferred oil makers. Although the one that caught my eye immediately when I walked in was Alhies  naturally also because of the very tasty cider they made, the first of all they some of my preferred (homemade) sweets on their counter… Canelé de bordeaux!! That is a real soft spot of mine (guilty as charged!!). It was nice to meet the people behind all those good ingredients.

I could keep finding ways to convince you all to get hold of some tickets for the next edition of Konfijt in 2 years, but I have to stop somewhere. I know I’ll definitely be back for more next time. I think maybe Jürgen Aerts’ pictures might also help 🙂 I have to admit that pictures taking by a pro a sooo much better… his pics on following link . And you don’t have to stay home  for its price as it might cost as much as a small concert, but at Konfijt you get dinner and a show!

The 2013 Best Belgian Sommelier Trophy

What a day!! My respect for professional sommeliers got bigger by the second during the annual Belgian Sommelier Trophy. First things first, before I start talking about anything else I want to clear out something. The title of “Best sommelier of Belgium” given yearly by the Belgian Sommelier Guild is the one and only real title as they are the only association recognized by the ASI or “Association de la Sommellerie Internationale” to hand out this title. During this competition there is also no favoritism as this contest gets observed by a bailiff to make sure the whole contest happens correctly. Secondly, during this contest every participant gets thoroughly tested on his/her knowledge and get judged by an international jury with special guests like Bernd Kreis (Best Sommelier of Germany 1990, Best Sommelier of Europe 1992, Semi-finalist Best Sommelier of the World 1992), Jan-Willem Van der Hek (Best Sommelier of Holland 2013, Candidate for World and European championships 2013), Cees Vos (Past president of the Dutch Sommelier Guild), Louis Havaux (Past president of FIJEV, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles…), international winemakers, me 🙂 and a few more… so basically people who know what they’re talking about. I (together 5 other judges at my table) had to evaluate the participant’s handiness, efficiency, politeness and professionalism during his tests. It might seem an easy task, but it really wasn’t!!

Gilde Sommeliers

Now you know the above I can continue with talking about the actual competition. Last Sunday 3 young sommeliers (remaining from the 11 candidates that participated the semi-finales) Yannick Dehandschutter (Restaurant Sir Kwinten), Antoine Lehebel (Restaurant Villa Lorraine) and Jan Rots (Restaurant Brasserie Latem) competed against each other to become the this year’s Best Sommelier of Belgium . I was really honored to be part of the jury and glad I was at the good side of the table as it wasn’t easy competition :-).

3 participant together with Louis Havaux

To give you guys an idea how difficult a contest like this I’ll give a few examples of tests they had to do. The first test they had to do might seem like a very easy test, but don’t get fooled!! They had to serve (according to the rules of the art) my table of judges a 2006 Telmont Blanc de Blancs Champagne and also tell us more about this champagne… to make it more difficult they also put a 2004 Blanc de Blancs and a totally different champagne in the ice bucket and to do this all they had 5 minutes. Only 1 of the 3 participants’ served us the correct bottle… it did cost them a point, but this way I got to try 3 different champagnes 😉

Antoine Lehebel


The most difficult tests were  saying from 6 glasses of alcoholic drinks which kind of alcohol it was and the country it comes from or maybe telling from 3 glasses of wine as much as much as possible and which wine it is… all this just by looking at the color, smelling and tasting again for which they only had between 5-9 minutes to accomplish. Or was it the 7 course menu for which they had to give 7 different wines from 7 different countries and tell us why? Although finding the mistakes in a wine list also didn’t seem like child’s play as the mistakes could be typo’s, but also references to wrong regions or vintages… so if after this test your respect doesn’t get bigger for them I don’t know what will?! Next time I’ll see a title like this given by some magazine or guide I’ll think twice and wonder on what they based themselves to determine the winner of their title!!

Yannick Dehandschutter Photo : Jean-Marc Brasseur

Jan Rots

Yannick Dehandschutter Photo : Jean-Marc Brasseur

Grading the 3 finalists wasn’t an easy task as they matched on many levels… I mean they all had parts they did less or better, but in the end it evened out. I waited until I had seen all 3 participants before grading. I personally didn’t know as there were around 20 judges each judging a different aspect so it could go every direction… but in the end the best man won, the 2013 Trophy of Best Sommelier of Belgium went to Yannick Dehandschutter from restaurant Sir Kwinten

Yannick 3 Photo : Jean-Marc Brasseur

Check the following link for a little video of the awarding ceremony

With every victory there must be a good meal and celebration and boy did we eat and celebrate, but I’ll talk about that another time 😉

Congratz Yannick and see you soon @ Sir Kwinten 🙂

Tomorrowland aka foodie heaven

Tomorrowland logo

I am pretty jealous of the people who went to Tomorrowland, not really for the music as I could hear that in my livingroom due to the wind direction and also I’m not really too much into the music they play… or at least not for 3 days in a row. I’m more jealous about the great selection of eateries they had!! Really!! They have really outdone themselves.

Did you know they even had a food inspector from the “Gault & Millau” guide quote every food stand and give it points? Of course there was a lot to give points to like the food stands in the International Street where you could taste Mexican, American, Greek, French, Spanish and (obviously) Belgian food. Or the fresh bakery shop… They also didn’t forget the vegetarians in cooperation with Lombardia.


Hamburger Fruit

Bakery Baking fries

Belgian Beer

Belgian Waffles


A reason I almost bought a ticket was the amount of top gastronomy present restaurant Wout Bru (Maison Bru *), Roger Van Damme (Het Gebaar *), Manuel Wouter (SIPS cocktail bar)

Wout Bru photo by Zita 2012 Maison Bru


The people who I envied the most were the people who got a spot at the secret restaurant!! First of all because having a dinner prepared by two 3 Michelin star awarded chefs Sergio Herman (Oud Sluis) and Jordi Roca (El Celler de Can Roca) and one of the few Michelin awarded “chocolatiers” Dominique Persoone (The Chocolate Line) and secondly to be in the company of yet another 3 Michelin star awarded chef Peter Goossens (Hof Van Cleve)… like food porn for me 🙂  Don’t get me wrong, the hamburgers would have also tasted well, but this is a different level of experience 😉 If only I won or was able to get a place at the secret restaurant…

Secret Resto view

Secret Resto Sergio Herman

Secret Resto food

Jordi Roca

Maybe next year they should have a special Gastronomical pass that one can try all food @Tomorrowland?

Congrats too the organizational team of Tomorrowland, you really did a hell of a job (also for the non-food part)

Cookware for life!

I am one lucky guy! You want to know why?? Not only was I fortunate to be surrounded by a group of lovely ladies like Ruth Sas (Niente di particolare), Kim Recour (Cookanista) and Caroline Dhont (Avocado van de duivel). On top of that I got to visit the Demeyere factory!! This is so special as they don’t have that many visit opportunities so this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.


For my foreign readers the name Demeyere  might not sound familiar, so let me give you a short (or at least I’ll try to keep it short) introduction. Demeyere  is company making high quality cookware since 1908 and makes 98% of its products in Belgium or better in Antwerp (I bet now all know where I’m from 😉 ). Initially their factory was in the heart of Borgerhout/Deurne (just outside the Antwerp City center) where they until 1967 mostly made tableware as cookware and the kitchen in general didn’t have the central place back then as it has now. In 1980 they moved to their current location Herentals as they needed more space to be able to perfect their production process and expand the production itself (FYI, still in Antwerp Area). Today their Herentals factory is around 30 000m², so I don’t have to explain the progress they made over the years and they keep investing in the future of the company.  Demeyere  was also the second company in the world to start making cookware in stainless steel and a thermal base. (I didn’t know this before my visit). Currently the company is lead by Christophe Demeyere who is the 4th generation and took over the leading position from his father in 2008.

Christophe Demeyere

Demeyere Herentals 4

It is indeed true that buying a Demeyere   pot is quite the investment… In my personal case when I moved out of my parents’ house I “borrowed” a few  Demeyere  pots/pans from my mom (I’m pretty sure she knows by now she won’t see them back any time soon (unless she comes to have dinner at my place)). I know it might sound like a sales talk (and no, I’m not getting a discount from them by saying this)but when you buy  Demeyere  you buy it for life!! Already for the fact that Demeyere  gives a 30 year guaranty on every pot or pan you buy!! Yes 30, one has to be very sure of their product before giving that much guaranty… It still stays a big investment but it will last much longer than when buying ragular cookware. You could just do like me and ask for Demeyere  cookware for Christmas :-). FYI, the Young series by Demeyere is the affordable option in case you are just moving out of your parents’ house.

Young by Demeyere

I was already convinced, but the factory visit opened my eyes even more! Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take pictures during my visit (but I did get my hands on a few to get a small view behind the scenes), because it is quite impressive to see how a flat piece of steel gets transformed into a usable pot/pan. I am always so amazed by the machinary used to make something, I think it must be a great feeling inventing/building machines like that.  When wanting to make a good product it all starts with using the good base materials.  Demeyere  uses stainless steel (in addition with cupper in some cases) as a base, which already differentiates them from the “regular” brands you’ll find around as they mostly use aluminum, which is cheaper, but less sustainable.  Before a piece of cookware leaves the Demeyere factory they will ALL be “used “1 time… not really for cooking, but they heat the pot or pan to a temperature of 250°C and cool it down to see if there are irregularities in the cookware base (bottom) to make sure that whoever buys the pot/pan will be able to have the ultimate cooking experience in the best conditions.

Demeyere Herentals 8

Demeyere Herentals10

Demeyere Herentals 7

Demeyere Herentals 6

Demeyere Herentals 5

Demeyere Herentals 2

Demeyere Herentals 3 Maurits Demeyere

One last thing I want to share with you (again something I didn’t know before) is how much thought and craftsmanship is put into the creation and design of every new pot/pan. Also how important the collaboration between the “architect” (like Stefan Schönig or John Pawson) and the engineers is to combine design and easy/good usability.  To give an example a regular cookware maker would just form a pot and leave everything as it is, at Demeyere  they will for example cut the edge of the pot in a particular way that if you are pouring a liquid fluid from your pot into something else the pot won’t be leaking afterwards (so no drops on the side of the pot)… just to give one example. or that there are no skrews from the handle visible in the pot itself as this could be unhygienic as “bacteria” could go under the skrews. My personal favorite set of pots and pans is the Apollo serie

Apollo serie

I’m always so proud when a small Belgian (Antwerp) company grows out to a company exporting its “Made In Belgium” products all over the world!! (Also great to know Christophe Demeyere  lives right around the corner of my street :-))

part of the Demeyere showroom

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying normal cookware doesn’t do the job, as at the end it is the cook that will make the difference.  But when you use the better tools for some reason it always feels better … just like with a car a VW lupo drives fine, but a Audi A8 just drives better 🙂

Just try one and hope you’ll be as convinced as me….

Anyhow, good thing they had Roger Van Damme (Het Gebaar) there to sweeten our factory visit with some heavenly desserts!

Roger Van Damme

Summer dessert

Chocolat dessert

Officially old, my 30th birthday

I’m still writing this blogpost as a 29 year old, but I have to face it tomorrow I’ll officially old! Tomorrow (27/05, so today) I’ll be having my 30th birthday (at 11:15pm to be precise). If it were for me I would have celebrated it in a modest way (with food obviously) and do nothing special… but my friends and especially my beautiful fiancée thought otherwise and they gave me  a birthday to remember. I also didn’t know my friends were such good liars or better so good at keeping a secret 🙂 as I really didn’t know anything about it.

my friend at comocomo

The first part of my threefold birthday celebration was with friends at the restaurant of a lovely hostess and friend of mine aka Comocomo which you might remember from one (or more) of my previous blogpost. I can say for a fact that my friends really love me as they spoiled me with gifts!! I’m not worthy to have such great friends 🙂 🙂 I can’t thank you enough. One person (besides my beautiful fiancée) I want to give a special thanks is the lovely Stephanie Straatman! She and my fiancée designed a brand new logo for my blog!!! A true beauty they designed, don’t you agree? Thanks again to ALL of you, you guys ROCK!!

Spinelli dolce vita

For the second part of my birthday  surprise my sweet woman took me to the restaurant from the chef that still up to today has made the best lamb meat I have ever eaten!! It is true I might have given a few hinds about where I wanted to go (yes woman of mine, two can play that game 😉 <3). The restaurant I’m talking about is Giovani Ooster’s “Vous Lé Vous” located in the gastronomical heart of Europe (blogpost) aka Hasselt. I wanted to come here as the few dishes I had tried from Giovani in the past just made me want to have the whole Giovani Oosters Gastronomical experience!

Vous le vous (1)

   Vous le vous herb_vegetable garden 

Vous le vous vegetable garden

Vous le vous restaurant

VLV the Chef table

To summarize my whole “Vous Lé Vous” experience… Giovani Oosters is the type of chef I like and that for fits perfectly into the list of my favorite chefs like Ingrid Neven (Pazzo) or Wouter Keersmaekers (Schone van Boskoop) to name a few. Why? Simple you can really see the passion and sparkle in their eyes when they are talking about food or when they are preparing the food and they try to share that passion with everybody (a bit like me) . I just love it! Passion is the best motivation in life!! What I also like about them is their respect and pride of local products which try to use as much as possible. You mostly notice this in the little things like in Giovani’s case the homemade herb butter or the fact that he has his own vegetable and herb garden at the restaurant for example….. This is to me what separates the cooks from the chefs! Take what I said above companied with the perfect team with that same passion you can see on their faces and you have the best gastronomical experience one can have! (with a smile)  

Happy Me

VLV freshly made bread and homemade herb butter

Let me start talking about the food, as that is what is all about (besides spending time with my woman) 🙂

 We started our evening with a variety of “amuses bouche” a feast for both the eyes as the taste buds. Rice croquettes, cucumber bonbon, salmon and asparagus role … just to name a few…. I had a classical “Gin tonic” with it, but they had replaced the gin with a local grain jenever.


VLV 2 Tomato flan  VLV 1 Cucumber panna cotta

VLV 3 rice croquette & Salmon VLV 4 Exploding cucumber bonbon

It might see unbelievable, but it got even better. Let me present to you the menu “Vous Lé Vous” served us:

Mackerel Escabeche with green celery, black olive crackers and crumble and something called green star accompanied with a 2011 (white) Spanish Arindo Verdejo from Bodegas Shaya

VLV 5 Escabeche of mackerel_ green celery_olive crackers_crumble and olive green star

Fried green asperge with a wild garlic mayonnaise, an Alken goat cheese crème and frog legs accompanied with a 2012 South African (white) Chenin Blanc/viognier from Bellingham vineyard

VLV 6 Fried green asperge_ wild garlic mayonnaise _crème of goat cheese from Alken_ frog legs

Langoustine with a asparagus carpaccio and mango and citrus flavors accompanied by a 2011 French (white) La Gascogne  aka Gros Manseng – Sauvignon Sec wine by Brumont

VLV 7 Langoustine with a asparagus carpaccio and mango and citrus flavors

Veal sirloin with chateau potatoes with lemon verbena, grilled asparagus and mini mushrooms accompanied by an 2011 (red) Italian Avignonesi from Cantaloro vineyard

VLV 8 Veal sirloin with chateau potatoes with lemon verbena mini asparagus and mushrooms

Cod fish with chateau potatoes with lemon verbena, grilled asparagus and mini mushrooms accompanied with a 2010 Argentinian (white) Septima (chardonnay/torrontes)

VLV 9 Cod fish with chateau potatoes with lemon verbena grilled asparagus and mini mushrooms

Desserts: Chocolate and coconut explosion, a rhubarb, hibiscus and Wellen strawberry dessert, a yogurt, pictache, pineapple dessert accompanied by a Spanish Moscatell Priorat from Rotllan Torra vineyard.

VLV 10 Chocolate and coconut explosion

VLV 11 rhubarb hibiscus and Wellen strawberry dessert

VLV 12 yogurt pictache pineapple

With the coffee also came some njammy delights! Even a chocolate “praline” with mustard

Delights that came with the coffee

Wasn’t I right that it was a treat for the eyes? If you also want to agree with me on the taste part I can only suggest for you to go to Vous Lé Vous and try it… or to “Limburg proeft” where Giovani will also be present  (amongst other great chefs/restaurants). Also a very good selection of wines Harald (sommelier) paired for us!

We stayed overnight at Vous lé vous’ chocolate room… this way we didn’t have to worry about drinking too much.

The chocolate room

beautiful bath in the room

I don’t mind celebrating my birthday, but I don’t like the spotlight being on me (you know what I mean?) So I never tell when I’m having my birthday dinner…  but I didn’t organize it… ok ok I’ll stop b…shitting, it is nice to get the extra attention…

 My happy b_day surprise

Giovani lighting the candle

Thanks again to Giovani, Harald (sommelier) and the rest of the “Vous lé Vous” team and to my beautiful fiancée for looking and being as great as always!

Giovani & me

The luv of my life

My birthday wouldn’t be my birthday without also having my family and especially my mom with me to celebrate it (yes, I’m a mama’s boy, so what?!)…. so the third and last part (unless I still have something coming?) was at my brother’s place for some lovely cake which was the perfect ending of a perfect weekend and now I’m all ready for a new decade!


The perfect excuse for foodlovers aka Restaurant Day

Restaurant day

Not that I need to many excuses to go to a restaurant, but now we finally have a very valid one! Tomorrow is the 9th Global Restaurant day!! 1550 one-day restaurants and cafés in about 30 countries participate to this. The original meaning of Restaurant day is it being  a carnival in favor of food and culture, encouraging ordinary people to open unique kiosks, bars, restaurants and cafés for one day only. So Restaurant Day is not only about the food, but also about the social happening around it! My meaning would be just go to a restaurant 🙂

Participating countries on May 18th edition are: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Turkey, the UK, Ukraine, the USA… So if you country is on this list, you can consider yourself lucky 🙂

For more info on the upcoming (tomorrow) Restaurant Day can be found on website or on their facebook page  

Just to make sure I won’t miss it I’ll already start tonight!! 🙂 🙂

Tasting with the pro’s

Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to join Belgian sommelier guild for a tasting of Colombo wines (no, not from the TV show). If you say wine, you also say food… that’s why the tasting took place at Le grill aux herbes that gets a 17/20 in the Gault Millau Guide (very high score). When it comes to wines, I’ll have to be honest that I know more about Italian wines than about French wines… but now thanks to my blog step by step I’m getting more familiar with all the great wines France has to offer, like on last year’s trip to the Loire valley. Although I also learn a lot by reading blogs from friends of mine like JDR or wine chick Miss Vicky Wine (who has a cool new website) and of course also thanks to my good friend William Wouters (Pazzo) and the Belgian Sommelier Guild. Don’t get me wrong, not that I didn’t know anything at all 🙂 🙂 I did, but Italian wines were just more present in my life.

Anyhow, back to our wine tasting. I didn’t know Colombo wines, but it was my friend William who said I really had to taste these wines as they are very good and something I shouldn’t miss… So I followed his advice 🙂

Colombo wines are the life work of Jean Luc Colombo and his wife Anne who started in 1984 making wine at their vineyard in Cornas better known as Côtes du Rhone region. Since 2010 their charming daughter Laure joined them in making the wine and I can say for a fact that she putting her own stamp on the Colombo wines. So the future of Colombo wines is guaranteed!

Jean luc Colombo

Colombo wines (2)

An important grape for their wines is the Syrah aka Shiraz grape. The Syrah grape gives you a full-bodied and powerful wine. Just think of flavors like dark chocolate, black pepper, Arabica espresso. So if you are not a fan of this grape or full-bodied wines I’m not sure you’ll like these. I had no problems with it as Syrah happens to be (next to Nebbiolo, Corvina and Merlot to name a few) one of my favorite grapes. As I mentioned in the beginning of my post I was here with some people of the Belgian Sommelier Guild which actually make the tasting more interesting as you can learn a lot from the pro’s. I also ran into an old classmate who I haven’t seen in at least 10 years….

Colombo wines

We tasted the whole Colombo gamma and I was surprised about the variety Colombo has. The only way was up, we started with their white “table” wine (maybe this is an understatement) and only went crescendo from that point to end with the top of the bill their “les ruchets”. I could start defining the taste from each and every wine, but there were just too many we tried and not being a wine blogger I’m not sure if I could put it in as good writing as my friend wine bloggers could do it… what I do know is what I like and what I don’t like and I definitely liked every single wine I tasted from Colombo What I can suggest you to do is check the Colombo website and see the technical specs, buy some Colombo and see if the tastes match and try to recognize them:-)At least that’s how I would do it (every excuse to buy wine is good enough). BTW if you want to have more info on where to buy Colombo wines, please check with Mampaey wines and spirits. This tasting has also learned me that from time to time have an expensive taste, eventhough I loved all wines, it must be said that the last two we tasted the les ruchets 2009 and 2010 were everything I look for in wine.

The gamma we tried

It might surprise you that I didn’t start talking about the food yet, but this time I just wanted to share something about the wines. But I’ll let the pictures from our food speak for itself. I could indeed suggest that if you are ever around Brussels, you might want to stop at Le grill aux herbes for lunch or dinner. You won’t regret it! My compliments to Chef Evan Triantopoulos.

Le grill aux herbes

Grill aux herbes (1) Grill aux herbes (2) Grill aux herbes (3)

Grill aux herbes (4) Grill aux herbes (5) Grill aux herbes (6)

Grill aux herbes (7) Grill aux herbes (8) Grill aux herbes (9)

I’m sure it won’t be too long before I’ll be visiting the Colombo vineyards (I even have a few wine partners in crime in mind to join me 🙂 )

Thanks to Laure and Evan (and all my table guests) for this wonderful tasting!

Evan & Laure