Some damn good meat…or maybe even a gift from heaven :-)

HI Guys,

Yesterday I had some of the best steaks ever, really!! Once again, I was staying in Germany  for my job and fortunately for me, I’ve got some great colleagues (believe it or not, one is one of the Happy Birthday singers from my Josephine’s blog post) who also enjoy  good food. In Italian they people would be called ‘gente di  buona forchetta ‘. Usually we always go to the same restaurants close to our hotel and work, but sometimes we are tempted to go to Cologne (that is only 15min drive).

Last night was one of those nights, we went to restaurant “El Chango”, an Argentinian Steakhouse.

I already went to this restaurant a few months ago when we were celebrating the “bachelor party” of a friend of mine but I had to go back to double check because my memories were not very clear after all those beers.

The restaurant is located close to the Heumarkt. This might scare some people away as it is a touristy place. It is alsotrue that the place looks quit kitschy, so it is not very appealing.  But once you taste the meat, all those thoughts come to dissapear. The meat gets grilled on an authentic Argentinian grill and is seasoned in the way it should be. I remember the first time I was pretty surprised to eat only meat with a tin foiled potato (without sauce, etc…), but as the meat has so much flavor that you don’t need anything extra. This time I only went for a normal 300gr filet steak (Bife De Lomo), because last time I took the double filet steak from 400gr

The only thing that disturbed me a little bit, is that the staff didn’t really seem motivated… But then again, these are things that happen to all of us, I didn’t lose my appetite because of it .

 Did you guys already have great meat like this? Let me know!!

Restaurant El Chango



Bolzengasse 9
50667 Köln, Germany

Phone n°: +49 (0)221 2581212

When in Köln , do …..

For professional reasons I’m very often in Cologne. From time to time it then also happens that my German colleagues or my Belgian colleagues who joined me to Cologne, feel like going out for dinner. As you guys may know by now, my motto is when in Rome, do as the Romans, so … in Cologne this doesn’t change.

 Who thinks of Germany, thinks without any doubt of huge glasses of beer and heavy food.  

The place where you can find this for sure, is art Päffgen, you’ll be getting a looooooot of beer. As they won’t stop serving until you put your  beverage coaster on your glass. This is served with some  “Haxen & Hämchen” (knuckles &  ham), but watch out this is no food for beginners J because you get a lot of meat!! I could show you pictures from colleagues of mine stuffing and putting all their weight to eat that piece, but out of respect for them I will not put those pictures on this blog . Oooh and 1 advice, don’t take an appetizer  as you won’t be able to finish your main course.

We always go to the city center Salzgasse bierhaus (as it is close to everything).

No better way to taste the real good German food!!

Hope you’ll get the change to try it. Let me know how it was?