Breakfast…The most important meal of the day!

A while ago  I went to Milan with some friends for one day.  First of all because the plane tickets were extremely cheap  + any excuse for going somewhere or to eat is good enough for me….

The only “disadvantage” about these cheap flights is that they are always so early. So the first thing we had to do when arriving in Milano, was to find some Breakfast! I have to admit that I already ate something at home before leaving for the airport, but what the hell… I could handle a second breakfast. An Italian colleague of mine from Milano had given me a few nice spots to have breakfast. One of these was bakery “Princi”. It is really centrally located in Milano. Only a 3 minute walk from “Il Duomo”.  Although you would never go there if you don’t know it. When we finally arrived there, I could not believe my eyes. It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen

A HUGE counter filled with more breads, croissants, focaccia’s, pizza’s, sandwhiches with freshly cut parmaham, macarons ,pies, cookies etc… then you can imagine(I believe that this is how heaven must look). Of course, the big problem was, what to choose (if it were up to me I would really have tried it all)?  Everything is hand made in the shop’s bakery. And all those freshly made products can be eaten there or taken out.

 So if you ever get to Milan, this is THE breakfast place you don’t want to miss!