Celebrating love in snowy Saas-fee: part 2

Marriage by colourbox

In the previous post you could read that my reason for being in Saas-fee was the wedding of some dear friends of mine and a wedding without food wouldn’t be a wedding 🙂 Who knew that one could eat so gastronomically and refined in Switzerland?? (Sorry, that’s my Italian side speaking :-))  I can now say for a fact you can!!

I already knew in advance the food and drinks through the whole wedding would be great as like I mentioned before the groom and his dad are big foodies and know what is good (and know what they’re talking about).  The red wire through the whole wedding (besides the bride and groom) was and I do hope this doesn’t come over in a wrong way, the Champagne from Delamotte 🙂 (BRUT). No matter where we were, every time there would be a waiter with a tray with glasses of Delamotte  (I know a hard life). For you who would want to know the specifics, this champagne is 50% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot noir and 20% Pinot Meunier and has a very soft citrusy taste and I think I also tasted a dark chocolate kind of taste… and one thing is sure, it let drink itself very easily 😉


If you ask 100 people what they think about when they think of Switzerland, 98 people will answer their punctuality and their good organizational skills (no doubt)!  It was really incredible to see how well organized the team of the “Ferien art” hotel/ restaurant served the food for all 210 guests at the same time and not one dish that arrived cold at its destination… incredible! My compliments to Chef Andreas Otte and his team!! Well done and not only for the organization, but also for the delicious dishes you served. We started off with a Truffle cream soup with fresh cheese ravioli. Followed by a Lobster stew pasta that got accompanied by a 2010 white French “Sous La Velle” Meursault by Domain Michelot. For the main course the newlyweds choose to serve a lamb entrecote with potato gratin, glazed snow peas and a syrahjus (basically a red wine sauce) served with a 2009 Margaux by Château La Gurgue . I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to guess what the dessert was (next to the njammy dessert and cheese buffet), of course the wedding cake 🙂

beautiful tables at the Ferien art

Truffle cream soup

Lobster stew pasta

Lamb entrecote

Don’t the dishes on the pictures above look great? For the good wine pairing during the dinner we have to thank the groom’s dad as he’s the connoisseur when it comes to wines! He chose well indeed.

The dinner and party afterwards on the day of the wedding itself were perfect, but the “the icing on the cake” of the weekend for me was definitely our lunch/brunch at 2450m height (and the groom really made curious for the food days in advance!!) This lunch/brunch was at a place called Spielboden from which you have an incredible view over the Saas-fee valley. Check out the pictures below and I’m sure you’ll agree that it is breathtaking?! I must also admit that the so nicely shining sunshine and the live Alphorn music made it even more magical.

Spielboden (2)


What you should know about Spielboden is that it is part of the Michelin star awarded Fletschhorn restaurant (and hotel) which normally has another staff, but for this celebration of love Chef Markus Neff decided to take over the stove himself and bring his team fromFletschhorn up to the Spielboden restaurant and cook for the newlyweds and their guests (Praise the lord). On this breathtaking spot Markus served us the following menu; we started with some fresh Scottish oyster accompanied by what is to me the best drink to accompany oyster, Champagne (Delamotte ). Followed by a marinated trout in a mustard sauce, beef tartare on a whole wheat bread toast and poached shrimp and vegetable julienne. This first course got accompanied by a local wine, namely a “Petite Arvine”. Definitely a wine to remember!(really nice).  The following dish was a thyme “Ramquin de bagnes” with a vegetable strudel with a soy sauce and a lobster & ginger spring roll. The main dish was cheese soup, a poultry ravioli with forest pearls and braised pig cheek with a potato mousseline. This last one got accompanied by a Château Bonalgue Pomerol . To also satisfy our sweet tooth they a foreseen a cherry pie (I love cherry pie), lemon cake and something called “coupe colonel” which would be a sorbet served with vodka 🙂 🙂

Spielboden 1st crs

Spielboden 2nd crs

Spielboden 3rd crs

Spielboden dessert_Colonel already finished

My taste buds got spoiled ! The plan was to have some more fun in the snow after our lunch/brunch, but I’ll be honest, by the time I finished eating and drinking I was too lazy…(this doesn’t happen very often)

The party did continue, but I’m going to spare you the details about the after party and last night at Saas-fee  and I’m surely not showing pictures 🙂 🙂 … Let’s just say that we got a clear definition of the word “schnapps

Thanks to the LN beanies we were wearing  our ears didn’t freeze off. DO check out the LN beanies website or blog as all beanies, scarves, etc…  are made 100% from Peruvian alpaca wool and by grannies and you’re on top of that also supporting people in Peru.

my LN Beanies

Only one thing still left to do and this is thank Jefanie (and their parents)  for letting me and my beautiful fiancée be part of this wonderful celebration and being surrounded by great people and most importantly making me like winter and snow again. The sparkle in your eyes when you look at each other tells me this is something forever!!

And they lived happily ever after ….


Thanks again.

The end

Celebrating love in snowy Saas-fee: part 1

Saas fee

I’m not a winter person and have never been one, even though my roots lay in the mountains and 90% of my family still lives in the Alps at Bormio. This resulted in me going to the snowy mountains year after year during the winter time, I just didn’t like the cold and snow (not only because my brother always stuffed my jacket with snow). I have to admit one thing, seeing the mountains covered in snow does  look breathtaking! So basically since I became “older” I always try to visit my family in summer. Until now that is!! Why you might ask? Well, a recent event made me feel like going back and try a winter holidays with my family in the Alps again.  It was the wedding of dear friends of mine… Initially I wasn’t really looking forward being in the snow, but at the end I should actually be thanking them for making me like winter again! Jefanie (that’s a combo of both their names) chose to do their wedding in the mountains or better in Saas-fee as they have a special connection with this spot as this is where their love story started 🙂 (How romantic). Anyhow please allow me to tell you more about Saas-fee and what made me like winter and the mountains again. And who knows, maybe you’ll like it too?!

Saas fee location

Saas-fee is a little town in Swiss Alps not far from the Italian border. The fun coming here already starts before getting to Saas-Fee as you have to take a train on which you put your car that brings you to the other side of the mountain (via tunnel), this way you don’t have to take the  “Pass” over the mountain. It might feel freaky because for 10-15min you are in complete darkness 🙂 We took the train at Kandersteg, check the following website for more info

Train to saas fee

What you should also know when you would think of visiting Saas-fee is that it is a car free city/town/village. Just before arriving you have to park your car in a very big car park, from which you can call your hotel or a “taxi” for free to come and pick you up. Then these adorable little electric shuttle a bit bigger than a golf cart (see pick below) will bring you to your hotel or apartment. They might look small, but you would really be surprised how much fits in it!!

Saas fee parking pick up

If I have to believe the receptionist of the hotel we were staying in Saas-fee is one sunny place as she said the sun shines over 200days a year. We (or better the bride and groom) were very lucky that the weekend we were here was one of those sunny ones.

As Saas-fee is in the mountains and a skiing area, there are of course some very nice slopes…In case you would want more details on the slopes please check the following website. In case you don’t skiing to much like me and 2 friends, there is one very good alternative to enjoy the snow. Sledging with an old school wooden sledge :-)Yes indeed!! From Hannig (2350m high) all the way down on a specially designed path for sledging. The first time going down will take you between 30-45minutes after that you might do it in less :-). I know some of you might think “how boring”, but believe me those sledges go faster than you think (definitely not granny style) and you do have to watch out that you go off course or you’ll experience the snow more than you want 🙂 (nope, not speaking out of experience 😉 ) FYI, this was already the first step toward liking snow and winter again!

Saas Fee sledging (2)

Saas fee sledging

Saskia & me enjoying sledging  Weeeeeeeeee

Sledging like a real pro Or not just yet a pro

Something would definitely be wrong if I didn’t start talking about food 🙂 Before leaving home this was indeed the thing I was looking forward the most (besides being with my friends)! Already for the fact that the groom and his dad are huge foodies and enjoy food as much as me or maybe even more… so I just knew it would be great! And boy was it good 🙂

But I’ll keep that for tomorrow’s post 🙂

To be continued…..