Me versus tapas in Barcelona

Who says Spain has to say tapas, they go together like a horse and carriage 🙂 Finding a place where they sell good tapas and for a good price (because at some places they can get expensive) isn’t easy, especially not in a city like Barcelona, where you also have the classic tourist traps.

The word “tapas” comes from the Spanish verb tapar which means “to cover”.  Initially people just took tapas as an appetizer, until one day they wanted to cover more then only a small hunger and decided to put lots of appetizers on a table 🙂

To make it easier to choose where to go, I decided to call in some help… Who better to ask then somebody who lives, has lived or has been there looooots of times?! One of these people was Beatriz a Spanish friend of mine who now lives in Antwerp and knows Barcelona really really well. One of many great tips she gave was to try Tapas restaurant Piscolabis.

Piscolabis has 2 locations in Barcelona, one on the Av. Diagonal (on image above) and one on the Rambla Catalunya. FYI they are both in great shopping areas. The fact that we tried both of them, might already tell you how much we liked it! This restaurant has it all, great tapas, good location, nice interior and last but not least friendly staff!

I personally like eating tapas as this way you get to taste lots of different dishes and at the end have eaten whole meal (sometimes more). Another good thing is that you order a few and if you still feel hungry, you can always order some extra tapas… And the best drink to accompany it is Cava, as Catalunya is THE cava region from Spain. The biggest problem (like always) was actually to choose what to eat, but lucky for us the menu also has images of the dishes (the only disadvantage in my case, I wanted to eat it all when seeing the pics)

A few tapas we ordered: Pan con tomate, patatas bravas, tortilla de patatas (classics),vegetable tempura, asparagus with melted brie, little meatballs, croquettes with Iberian ham filling and we also tried some salady dishes… and there are many more, but all of them were great!!!

I would also recommend you to try their desserts (you do the desserts tapas style, by taking a few different ones). The moelleux they serve is one of THE best I ever had! (Really and I tried a few of those in my life)

Basically I really recommend this restaurant!

P.S.: Thank you for this tip Beatriz!


Rambla Catalunya, 27

08002 Barcelona, Spain

Phone n°: +34 (0)93 306 96 69

Av Diagonal, 593

08006 Barcelona, Spain

Telephone: +34 (0) 93 410 54 95