10 shades of bitter

Not so long ago the University of Leuven has done a test about bitterness of food and drinks. What’s the bitterest a grapefruit, chocolate or maybe a Gin & Tonic? With sweet things we can easily distinguish if one thing is sweeter than the other, with bitter it is a different story? Or isn’t it? For years people stopped (or almost) eating/drinking bitter products, with a result that people were not used to the taste of it anymore and saying what was more bitter something impossible . The last few years however there has been a massive change in all that as most people are more aware what they eat/drink and want to eat/drink. It also seems that every year the popular ‘summer’ drink become more and more bitter 🙂 BUT even now people are getting more used to eating/drinking bitter only 5 out of 10 people can define which product is bitterer than the other… If you want to know if you know your bitter products and their scale you can do the test with help of the bellow ‘Bitterness scale’ Indicator

Bitterness scale


I’m not really a bitterness fan (so also not a GnT fan), but maybe I should just be eating/drinking more bitter things to ‘educate’ my taste buds bitterness sensors better 🙂 (what a sentence 🙂 )and then I’ll be part of the 50% of people who can distinguish bitterness correct