A worthy alternative for Gin & Tonic


If you feel like trying something different as an aperitif drink or just a worthy alternative for the classic Gin & Tonic, you might try mixing the Tonic with a bit of Cynar. The Cynar will give a bitter sweet herbal flavor to your drink. For my dear followers that don’t know Cynar, it is a drink based on Artichoke.. I know this doesn’t make it sexier, but there are 13 herbs added to the drink which makes it a totally different thing and surprisingly good. The fact that Cynar already exists since 1952 and is sells well after 63 years says enough I think, right?

Cynar 2

I didn’t come up with the the ‘cocktail myself it was Olivier Jacobs from the Gand coctailbar Jiggers  (and maybe indirectly Angelo Dalle Molle inventor of Cynar) , and although it might not seem lie rocket science a cocktail is all about putting the right quantities together 🙂 .


To make the cocktail you fill a glass with ice cubes. Add 5cl Cynar, 15cl of premium tonic. Finish it off with a slice of grapefruit and a few leaves of basil and you are good to go. This mix will give you the perfect combination between sour, bittersweet (with caramel and artichoke accents), herbal  taste that will wake up your appetite like never before (the perfect drink for me I’d say 😉 )