Reservations with a discount

I didn’t try it myself yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long anymore. A few friends told me about a website named “tafel 3”. This website is used to make reservations at restaurants. Nothing special you might think… This would also be my opinion, if it wasn’t for the fact that if you book via “tafel 3” you get a discount between 20 – 30% at the restaurant. The purpose of this website is actually to make the life of us people easier if you want to make a last minute reservation. When you surf to the website you’ll find a list of restaurants that still have available tables for that same night, you can also make reservations for a later date if you would want to do this (but that’s less interesting I think). So basically “tafel 3” creates a win win situation for both the restaurant (as it helps to fill all the empty tables) and the guests (as they get a discount). Also there are some real good restaurants you’ll find on “tafel 3” (in whole Flanders).

Let me know if you have already tried this?

Enjoy your meal 🙂