Me versus 117 by Wout Bru

117 by Wout Bru

You guys can’t believe how happy I was when I first heard that Wout Bru was opening a “pop-up” restaurant in Antwerp. In the past I tried a few times to get to his restaurant in France, but something always came in-between. So knowing that he would bring his whole kitchen crew from “Chez Bru” with him made it even better, as this way I just knew the level of cooking would be star level, even though you could read in most newspapers that this was not Wout’s aim in Antwerp (but let’s call a cat a cat, even when relocated a Michelin star teams stays a Michelin star team).  So you can imagine that my expectations were high about the food and Wout or shall I say Mr. Bru didn’t disappoint me as I can really give no comments on the food (also not on the quality).  All dishes we got were nice looking dishes that tasted the way they looked.

117 by wout bru

But, yes unfortunately there is also a “but”, it wasn’t the “total experience” one expects to have especially when paying over 100EUR per person (the min. budget you to count at this restaurant is 100EUR, unless you don’t drink). If I think back at my dinners at restaurants like Pure C or even Nuance  where I paid more or less the same price (around 130EUR per person drinks included) I got spoiled from the moment I came in until I stepped outside. This was the thing I was missing at “117” I know they are only open for 5 days and that this is just a “pop-up” and not yet oiled machine (which is logical after 5 days). It were not the big things, but the little things that ‘bothered” (maybe not the correct word to use) me. For example not getting amuses or some “special kind of cookies” with our coffee or when my friend booked the table they asked to make sure we were there punctual at 6 pm (which we were), but they only let us in at 6:10pm….

It was also a shame to see that the serving staff was far from being at the same top level as the kitchen staff. It felt a bit like sitting in an old rusty car that has a Rolls Royce engine, it drives ok but you just know something missing.  Don’t get me wrong it were all friendly (I admit cute) young ladies, but you just missed that “sparkle” that separates the good from the best. Again, it were the small things like refilling the glasses of wine, not that I’m too lazy me to do it myself, but you know what I mean… especially when you pay 130EUR per person it are just these little things that make it worth going to restaurants like this instead of a regular restaurant.

I think if they do a few small adjustments in the serving area they will make this “pop-up” experience a trip the wonderful world of gastronomy for everybody. It would be a loss if Wout’s impeccable reputation as chef and restaurateur would become less (in the eyes of lots of people) after this “pop-up” adventure. Because I know they are the best and that’s where they should always belong!

Ok, enough of the “bad” comments, back to the good part of the night (besides my wonderful table guests!)! The food was without any doubt very good and did indeed pet my taste buds! (for a correct price to my opinion).

Feast your eyes on some of the Njammy dishes we were fortunate enough to try! I have to be honest that I don’t remember in which order I got them (besides the desserts), so I’ll just show them in the order I think it was 🙂

FYI, I didn’t eat all these dishes myself 🙂 we had 5 courses per person. Just move your scroll over the picture, this will bring up the hoover text specifying which dish it was.

117_Vitello Tonnato

117_veal sweetbreads

117_belgian endive with ham

117_veal cutlet   117_king crab 117_milk pig  117_porc legg with truffle 117_seabass

117_ lobster lasagna


117_tarte citron

My personal favorite dishes were the Milk porc and the lobster lasagna.

To accompany our wonderful food three of us first took a glass of Jané Ventura cava (the 4th person took a Hendrick’s Fever tree Gin and Tonic) after that we had a white Italian Gavi di Gavi followed by  a 2009 red Gevrey-Chambertin from Domaine Marchand –Grillot. The red wine was slightly young, but after it got some air it opened up nicely.

117_Gevrey Chambertin

I’m sure this won’t be the last time I’ll try Wout’s food, next time i’ll go to to Chez Bru to get Bru-anized. One thing is sure, the good food made me happy and I have the picture to proof it.

117 happy me

FYI: A great surprise yesterday evening was to see Dagny Ross enter the restaurant to have dinner. To all the men reading my blog, she even looks better than on TV (or is this inappropriate to say now that I’m engaged? :-))

If you are lucky you might still be able to find a free spot at this restaurant, check for it.

Tomorrowland with a Gastonomical touch

Who knew a Festival could get a Gastronomical touch? When I think of a festival, I usually think of hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries… but certainly not of gastronomy

This year Tomorrowland decided to combine dance music with good food. During the 3 days of the festival from 27 to 29 July you’ll be able to enjoy all kinds of gastronomical food, going from a healthy or gluten free snack to a three to Michelin star meal.

Please find below a list of the gastronomical delicacies you’ll be able to enjoy during these 3 days:

Vegetarian and gluten free:

One of THE Belgium’s healthy food ambassadors Alain from the Antwerp veggie Walhalla Lombardia. FYI for the 2009 edition of tomorrowland he made a special ‘Tomorrowland Magic Mushroom’ per request of Moby. For people wanting their gluten free meal, they can already reserve it or request more info via

Refined dining

Tommorowland also thought of the people wanting something more refined. These people will  REALLY get spoiled.

At the main stage you’ll be finding nobody less than Wout Bru with his team from the Michelin star awarded restaurant Chez Bru (located in South of France). Here you will be able to try a top dish with a nice glass of wine. For Wout, this is not the first visit to the festival, last year he served more than 1000 meals in 3days.

For our friends with a sweet tooth Tomorrowland has asked Master pastry chef Roger van Damme from restaurant ‘Het Gebaar’ (FYI, he has the only Michelin star restaurant in the world that is only open for lunch). He will be in his ‘peperkoekhuisje’ aka the house of cake from the fairy tale Hansel and Grettel , where he’ll be serving a dessert specially created for Tomorrowland

For those who want the TOP OF THE BILL, they can go for the 3 Michelin star 7 course meal at a for the moment still secret location and chef at the festival (my personal guess would be Sergio Herman)  Unfortunately only 8 lucky people will be able to enjoy this meal. What makes it even more special is that you cannot buy the seats for this meal, you can only win them. On top of the gastronomical dinner, you’ll also be getting some FULL MADNESS COMBI (VIP) tickets for the festival. More info on this later.

And as if this was not yet enough, they Tomorrowland has also forsee a Cocktail bar, where Manuel & Olivier Wouters from cocktail bar Sips will be showing the art of making cocktails (and letting everybody drink them aswell of course).

Hope this will make your Tomorrowland experience even more unforgettable! This even makes me want to go 😉


A ticket for both restaurants (Wout Bru and Roger van Damme) can be booked via Wout Bru will be serving 3 dishes  for 27,5 EUR (includes a glass of wine), Roger Vandamme will be serving his dessert for 17,5 EUR including a glass of dessert wine or a cup of coffee. I’d advise you to be quick, as there limited seats available