Pazzi Per Pazzo

Yesterday evening I was in wine heaven again, I went for a drink at restaurant/ wine bar ‘Pazzo’. And you might even take this literally, as when you enter the big wooden door you have to walk up to the first floor where youthen bump against a big glass wine cooling cell as if the world stops there.  The Italian word ‘Pazzo’ means  crazy in English. It definitely  is the least you can say about my love or better passion for wine. For more than 10 years restaurant/ winebar Pazzo is one of my favorite places in Antwerp to get lost in the world of wine and fusion kitchen.  Pazzo is one of the most well-known places when it comes to wines. Owner William Wouters, a longtime friend of my father,  is a well-reputed world class sommelier and won several awards worldwide. So who better to give advice and open a restaurant/ winebar than him?

Last night we started with a gentle white ‘Bossa’ wine. The ‘Bossa’ is actually one of the wines of William wife’s  vineyards in Portugal, an aromatic, crispy and dry white wine. This wine accompanied by some thinly sliced San Daniele ham, grissini and parmesan cheese…. Can the evening start better than this? Then I decided to continue with some red wine, even though the friend who joined me to ‘Pazzo’ is not really a red wine lover. So basically a bigger challenge for Douglas (William’s brother) to find a wine that could convince and make my friend change his mind about red wines. To some this might seem easy, but to find the best matching wine in a constantly changing collection of more than 250 wines, could be a tricky job.  When we got the wine my friend’s exact words were: ‘that taste is right on what I love’. And so we continued to enjoy this perfect evening.

This time I didn’t have lunch or dinner at ‘Pazzo’, but I can highly recommend to everybody to try it. You can see it as a perfect harmonization of French, Italian, Asian and Eastern cuisine. I know it might sound frightening , but Chef Ingrid Neven ‘s motto is ‘ Keep it simple’. Basically have respect for the products that you’re working and don’t over mix tasts. Besides the ‘ à la carte ‘ menu  they also have a black board with lots of suggestions. Both of them change every few weeks. With some fixed values as fresh Goose liver Carpaccio van verse ganzenlever with  aceto balsamico and sel de guérande, Truffels Pazzo’s Style, “Tempura” of gambas with  stir-fried vegetables and light curry. But they have a wide variety of dishes for everybody’s taste, all prepared with care and love. And it is also this that made her Lady Chef of the year 2010

Summerized, No better way to spend an relaxing evening!

Retaurant pazzo:


Address :

Oude Leeuwenrui 12
2000 Antwerp, Belgium

Phone n°: +32 (0) 3 232 86 82

Other links:

Bossa Vinhos Doidos (bossa wine):

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