Catalonia à la française and so the story continues…

The first night we decided to go to a restaurant of the Le Neptune . We went to the La voile du Neptune, with nice overlook over the little port/harbor of Collioure. Where we first had the Serrano Ham with Manchego Pan Tomato and the range of forgotten Tomatoes of “Pezilla-de-la-rivière”, Parmesan chips and Mozzarella. Followed by Gambas à la planxa deglaced with Xéres (sherry) and Entrecôte 1er choix snackée, beurre à la moutarde à l’ancienne (I know, no meat at the seaside, but I just wanted it so bad) and to finish with a Fondant au chocolat and a café gourmand. Overall a very nice dinner. Although I never understand why at some restaurants the seranno ham (or Parma) sometimes gets cut quit thick? I really prefer when it is thinly sliced… but maybe that a personal taste.

But never the less, it was some goooood food and of course all of this was accompanied by a nice local rosé wine. I would indeed recommend this restaurant, although it slightly more expensive.

We stayed 3 nights in Collioure, sadly we didn’t really felt like visiting too many cities or villages, although this region has lots of nice places to visit like Perpignan, Port-Vendres, Andorra (although still quit a drive).  And there are also from “routes des vins”  to visit some nice vinyards. During our stay we mostly drank wines from Cave Veuve Banyuls and honestly these wines were very good, we tried the Collioure Rouge and Rosé.  As I said, we decided to relax our few days and enjoy the sunshine.

 The 2nd and 3rd day we went to the same 2 restaurants for lunch we want to Argelès-sur-Mer at “La Vieille Cave’ in Avenue de la Liberation (51 bis) and in the evening. Very nice little restaurant with a terrace with a very good price- quality-quantity value. They serve a big variety of tapas, salads and bigger courses. The first time we tried some fish and the second time tapas and both times we were really satisfied and had enjoyed our lunch for 100%. And we assure you that 1 dish is more than enough as the portions are really generous.

In the evening we went to restaurant ‘Le Clocher’. This restaurant was by far the niced place I have been in my 2 weeks in the South of France.  Typical Catalonian refined cuisine for a very normal price, served by very enthusiast and friendly staff. At restaurant ‘Le Clocher’ for tapas o/ first cours, main course, dessert, wine and apero you should count between 50 and 70 EUR for 2 persons. What to my opinion a very good price, knowing that you are still in the south of France. I actually discovered a very good champagne in this restaurant,  champagne from ‘Besserat de bellefon’ . We both days started with the tapas, where I can recommend the Serrano con pan e tomate (thin sliced ham J ) where you get the garlic, tomato and bread separate so you can decide how much of each you want on your toast. For main courses everything is recommended as everything looked and tasted amazing!!

So for everybody who wants to discover the best of Pyrénées-Orientales should definitely visit Collioure. Bon Voyage!!

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