Mess Officier

You know the feeling coming home and don’t feel like cooking and don’t really feel like going too far to have dinner…. I know I do!  One of those nights I decided to try out restaurant Mess Officier, about 4 min by car from my house (remember it was a lazy night, so walking was out of the question). After my first time at Mess Officier, I’ve been going there ever since J. One of my favorite Belgian dishes would be “Stoofcarbonade” or “Stoofvlees” as most of us would call it. “Stoofvlees” is a Belgian beef stew made with dark Belgian beer that just has to be served with French fries and accompanied by a nice Belgian “Trappist” beer. I’ve already tried “stoofvlees” in a lot of restaurants and lots of times it is too dry, or they didn’t leave it to rest long enough (what usually should be at least overnight) and therefore the taste isn’t what it should be…. But at Mess Officier it is always sooooo good (writing this makes me actually pretty hungry) and on top of that they make their own French fries and their own mayonnaise (made from mustard and a bit of lemon). This is exactly what I like about places like this, they try to give their best to satisfy the customer!! For people who like organ meat, this restaurant is also for you as they always have some suggestions for Organ lovers, like marrow (mergpijp), calf brains, etc…. Don’t worry guys they really have a wide variety of different dishes!! Mess Officier also always have some nice international wine suggestions that can be taken by bottle or by glass.

Bon appétit!

Retaurant Mess Officier:

Website: no website

Address :

De Burletlaan 187
2650 Edegem, Belgium

Phone n°: +32 (0) 3 294 73 61

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