Den Artist

As I mentioned in my “Aux vieux Bruxelles” post, I often have foreign friends and colleagues visiting.  If I can be honest with you, I prefer to receive them in in Antwerp, as this is the town where I grew up and that I know best. A restaurant that I always like to take them is “Brasserie Den Artist”.  They serve mainly  traditional Belgian food like “Steak Tartare”, this “Stoofvlees” (Belgian stew), “Stoemp met worst” ( mashed potatoes  (+other vegetables in it) with sausage and gravy) “Witloof in de oven” (Ham and chicory role served with béchamel sauce), Mussels, Vol-au-vent,  etc… All prepared as it should be prepared. But they always give it their own twist, like the “vol-au-vent “, they added some Tarragon, what really gives this dish this little something extra. at “Den Artist.  Of course this comes with freshly made French fries.  Even my Italian colleagues have enjoyed this restaurant…and usually Italians are the most difficult to convince 😉


Besides the exquisite food, “Den Artist” is greatly located. It has a magnificent frontal view of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts.  A majestic neoclassical building (makes you think of a Greek temple)… really impressive. “Den Artist” is in the Southern part of Antwerp (town) and is considered as the more trendy part of town.


Have you been there already?


Brasserie Den Artist




Address :


                Museumstraat 45


                2000 Antwerp, Belgium


Phone n°: +32 (0) 3 238 09 95


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