If you want to sin, do it well ! Ghent’s best snackbar!

Snackbar Martino has been in the two years that I lived in Ghent, one of my preferred spots (together with “Fin du monde”). This snack bar has a great reputation and is considered as one of the best snack bars of Ghent. So it is definitely a MUST DO! It is also said that the “Broodje Martino’ (sandwich with ao. Steak tartare in it) has been invented here… Sadly enough the sandwich is not available or made anymore in the snackbar. Now the restaurant serves Cheese-Eggburgers with homemade French fries (with tomato sauce, cheddar cheese and a fried egg on top) that I really love. I usually even eat a double burger (I would even eat 2 plats). Lots of people say that their spaghetti Bolognese is also very good, but I just can’t eat this dish in a non-Italian restaurant. Flushing it down with a few nice pints of Belgian beer…. It is just wonderful

The fact that this place is FULL the whole time from 6pm until they close confirms how good they are… So finding a free spot is tricky, but really worth it!

Snackbar Martino

Website: http://www.cityzine.be/nl/gidsen/gent/restaurants/martino


                Vlaanderenstraat 125

                9000 Gent, Belgium

Phone n°: +32 (0) 9 225 01 04

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