For all you funky soul brothers!!

Last week I had dinner with a buddy of mine at the Funky Soul potato. One of  our favorite places in Antwerp actually 🙂! Not fancy, cheap, good and consistent 🙂 just what you need to relax and to be funky. Sitting here feels like being back in LA at the “Baked Potato “, but then without the live music (maybe an idea for the Funky Soul?), especially on a sunny evening like last Wednesday.  Each and every time I enjoy the jacket potatoes they serve.  I ALWAYS take the “Mustang Sally”, it comes with bacon, fried onions and cheddar cheese.


My buddy took the “Ting Dong Thai” JThey have the funniest names for their dishes, I think it is great.. This potato was served with chicken and a kind of Thai curry.  Drinks wise, there is nothing better than a jacket potato and a great beer.


Mmmmm, writing about it makes me wanna go back!


Funky Soul Potato






                Volkstraat 76


                2000 Antwerp, Belgium


Phone n°: +32 (0)3 257 07 44



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