My Zia Livia

So finally we arrived in ‘Monfalcone’ (where my aunt lives) and the first question she asks me ‘Hai fame?’ (are you hungry)hahaha, really unbelievable. But I think even if I would say NO, she would still start preparing something, just in case. Anyhow, in this case I was indeed hungry 🙂

So lucky for me she had brought all lot of ingredients from Torino and started cooking immediately.

Zia had brought the biggest paprika’s I had ever seen! Apparently the ones from Piemonte are much better than the ones you buy elsewhere. When you peel them, there is still a lot of flesh left on them …

So with those ones she made peperonata. To accompany this, she made a ‘arrosto’, that nooooobody else can make like her. It is so soft and tender, no fat and the best gravy with it …. As primo she made some fresh pasta (she had made it before leaving for Torino, as she knew we would be joining her home) with a fresh ‘salsa pomodoro’. She didn’t make dessert 🙂 we just had some fresh peaches … Why does everything taste so much better in Southern Europe???


When I stay at Zia Livia’s house the n°1 concern every day is what will we eat 🙂. As I’m her favorite nephew, she always makes ALL my preferred dishes 🙂lasagna with asparagus (she had put some fresh ones in the freezer to be able to make the lasagna when I would come), cannelloni, faraona , and the list goes on and on 🙂ok ok, I’m spoiled, especially knowing she goes to farmers to get me the best ingredients and makes all the pasta herself. You might not think this, but she is 78 years old!! (and she is more active than me 🙂 )

I so love my Zia Livia!! So my first day at her house ended in a way I like very very much 🙂 (tooo bad you guys can’t taste all this food, but trust me it was good!)

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