A Must do culinary event

For everybody who likes the best food  you can get in one of the most beautiful Belgian cities! At the end of this month there will be a 3 day event in the city center of the world famous Bruges (Brugge).

The reason for it is that Brugge is one Belgium’s cities with the most star restaurants, pastry chefs and a few of the world’s best chocolatiers. That is why between 29  and 31st between 11am and 9 pm of October the culinary event ‘Kookeet ‘ will take with participants like Karmeliet***, Hertog Jan**, De Jonkman*, Aneth*, Sans Cravate*, Patrick Devos, Bistro De Refter, ’t Stil Ende, ’t Pandreitje and the list goes on and on. The entrance to the event is free, but every dish that gets served has a price between 3  and 9euro (which is certainly reasonable as it are the best chefs preparing it). You can find the dishes that will be served on the following Link: http://www.bruggeplus.be/nl/kookeet

 I’ll be going, hopefully I’ll see you there!!

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