Cooking with Cookbooks

I really have so many cookbooks and honestly I barely use them (or most of them). So since last week I decided that every week, I at least have to make 1 recipe from a cookbook (every week a different one).

This week I actually did 2  🙂 . This week I made the Vol-au-vent  the Peter Goossens Way (Hof van Cleve ***) from his book “Meesterlijke Klassiekers” in English this would be “Masterly classics”. I must say that in this book they really explain everything really well! The only thing that I changed was that instead of using chicken, I used pheasant (also for the stock) as I still had some left in my freezer from last Christmas. I also left out the calf thymus (kalfszwezerik).

You can find the recipe on the following link  or buy the book 🙂 and cook like a 3 Michelin Star chef

This was MY result 🙂 . Probably not as good as the one from Mr. Goossens, but it sure tasted really well!

The other dish, was one from Jeroen Meus out  out of his “Dagelijkse kost” cookbook.  When you see him cooking it is like your best friend explaining something… I really should get to Leuven one day to eat at his restaurant “Luzine“, but finding an open spot is the tricky part 🙂 Anyhow, I choose the Meatloaf with onionsauce, boiled potatoes and lettuce. Man man, really fantastic, if you don’t like unions, I think this dish might even make you change your mind! And on top of that very easy to make!!  Basically mix minced meat with some herbs (fresh rosemary, thyme and parsley finely chopped), eggs , breadcrumbs, pepper and salt. Bake it for a second in butter on each side. Put it in a pre-heated oven from around  170°C (338°F) for about 30-40minutes (with enough fresh, real butter). When you take the meat out of the oven,  take the meat out of the pan. Use the pan from the meat to  bake the sliced onions, add (if needed some butter) Thyme, red wine, a bay leaf, salt and pepper. Let the red wine reduce its volume and voila 🙂 For more details I would advise to buy the book 🙂 or look on the following link

The result (you are lucky I took a quick picture, because the meatloaf has a short existence). As Jeroen would say “Nen Topper”

Not sure yet which cookbooks I’ll be choosing next week. But I’ll keep you posted.

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