The best way to build and form your kitchen.

I think everybody agrees when I say that buying a new kitchen is a big investment. So it is very normal that you want that your kitchen is (besides very beautiful) very functional and user friendly.  Easier said than done you might say… Which is indeed true. Because where do I put the sink in function of the stove, etc..  Recently I discovered a Company called Blum (thanks to a friend of mine), they are specialized in hinges (scharnieren). So what does this have to do with kitchen you might say, well they have actually done studies to make your kitchen a Dynamic, ergonomic and functional space with 5 kitchen zones: For Consumables, non-consumables, cleaning, preparation and cooking. I really have to say that I found it a really interesting study they did and no they didn’t ask me to write this 🙂 . I just found this interesting and important information that I had to share with the world.  I would really advice everybody who is planning to change their kitchen or buy a new kitchen to check the Dynamic space website (which comes in looooooots of languages) or contact Blum…

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