Still on top of their game!

A few friends and I decided a while ago to have something we call “The Gastronomical Odyssey”. Basically, in this odyssey we go and explore all good restaurants or you could also say that I am just working off my Go To List . Yesterday we (Carlos and me) had another one of those Odyssey moments and decided to go to the renowned restaurant “Sir Anthony van Dijck”. Why, simply before being able to understand all the modern dishes and cuisine, you have to know how the perfect classical kitchen tastes like. Sir Anthony van Dijck is actually one of the most famous Antwerp restaurants. The restaurant had 2 Michelin stars for more than 20 years.  This until 1992, when chef and owner Marc Paesbrugghe (one of my big examples) decided as one of the first European chefs to give his Michelin stars back. The reason for this was that he didn’t feel living up to the demands of Michelin anymore and he just wanted to keep doing his thing.  Now that I’ve been there I can say, they might have given away there stars, their food is still heavenly! On top of this refined cuisine, you also get one of the most unique locations in Antwerp. The restaurant is located in one of the oldest streets of Antwerp, the ‘Vlaeykensgang’. This street is a must see for everybody visiting Antwerp.

I must say that from the moment you walk in the restaurant, you can feel the touch of class and immediately feel comfortable. While following the waiter to your table you can enjoy the beautiful interior of the restaurant. The interior makes you feel like being somewhere in the south of France, where everything is balanced… The advantage that the weather is getting colder in Belgium is that they had put on the fireplace, which made the atmosphere even better (The restaurant is bigger than you would say from the outside). Carlos started the evening with a glass of  Jameson Whiskey  and I went for a glass of champagne as starting with whiskey seemed a bit strong J.  For the food, we decided to go for the gastronomical menu (but I must say a lot of dishes on the à la carte menu also looked tempting) as for me this is always the best way (in this kind of restaurant) to discover new tastes.

The first course of the night was a  wood pigeon mousse, consommé of  pheasant and foie gras. The Consommé was just wow, the first sip of it told me enough that the evening would only get better (if possible).  The foie gras wasn’t my thing as I don’t like eating it, the mousse on the other hand was also very exquisite

The following courses were

Greenland turbot with endive, lime and Hoegaarden beer, roasted fawn fillet (hertekalf) with celeriac puree and juniper. We finished with Poached pear with chocolate ice cream and a cold amaretto sabayon.

The only thing I can say about all the dishes that, one by one they were simply fantastic. You can really taste the chef’s experience and the know how he has!!  Our wine for the evening was a ‘Brolo di Campofiorin’ from Masi. It is just a coincidence that it is Italian, the waiter also agreed that this was a perfect fitting wine for our meal.

Result of this whole meal, 2 happy campers that enjoyed a top class restaurant on an historic location for a price you would pay at the average restaurant!  (you don’t have too many of those)

Up to the next one on the list

Restaurant Sir Anthony Van Dijck



Oude Koornmarkt 16,
2000 Antwerp, Belgium

Phone n° +32 (0) 3 231 61 70

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