My Christmas present list

We all know what Christmas means (beside the religious part), presents, presents and more presents . I was thinking of giving y ou guys some ideas what you could buy for the foodies in your family, that would for suuuuuure make them happy. Mmm, or  maybe this is just MY present list 🙂 🙂 (I’m one sneaaaaaaky person) and a hidden message to my present buyers? Ok, let’s go, I’ll start with cookware

I really love pots and pans!! Don’t you? Even if you already have a closet that is way too full with them…

Ofcourse not all pots and pans are alike. My favorites are without any doubt the ones from Demeyere and the ones from Le Creuset or Staub. These ones are in every foodie’s fantasy  and ‘wanna have’ thing.

These are not the cheapest presents, ALTHOUGH… Specially for you people and for more modest budgets Demeyere for example,  launched the Young series (I’m sure you read about it in my previous post).

But they were not the only ones  Staub also has done something special. For the moment they have a promotionset, this set consist  1 big  cast iron pot of 24cm (3,8l)  and 4 little ceramic  cocottes  of 10cm (0,2l)…  they come in Black, Cherry, Griffith grey and blue. They usually are priced 219EUR,  but NOW they are only 159EUR!!!! AND  the best of it all is that if you receive this for Christmas, you can immediately use it for New Year’s eve.

MY personal favorite (of the cookware that is) for this Christmas would be the GreenPan. You might ask, what is so special about this pan? Well pan has an ecological anti-stick layer  at the inside AND she just looks nice J. Just some ‘FYI’ the consumer organization tried 14 pans and GreenPan got a score of 77/100 and gets sold in more than 80 countries.. so it has to be good… But the best is the price, only 34,99EUR… (so more budget friendly) if I would receive this, I  would be as happy as the day I ask my girlfriend to marry me 🙂

Or maybe you prefer giving a very good cooking knife?  Ok, in this case I might admit that they are rather expensive, but I’m of the opinion  that this is something you’ll only buy ones (I’m still using the ones I bought in Chefschool). The knives that are considered as one of the best knives available or seen as the ‘it’ knifes are the ones from  Miyabi. They now just released they’re new 600D series (what’s in a name 🙂 ) . What I find important, is that a knife is in 1 piece and the handle cannot get loose from the cutting part!  My personal favorite would be the Santoku (I have expensive taste). For these knives you must count between 100 and 200 EUR.

NO? Cookware not your thing to give as a present?? Too expensive?

Ok, tomorrow I’ll try to convince you with something else… stay tuned!

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