The days my girlfriend was obligated to cook

Merry Christmas too all!! Sorry  I haven’t posted anything, but it has been very busy the last few days …

Like for everybody, all the family visits, lots of eating,… and I’ve been studying  (Even when I was in school I didn’t study this much 🙂 ). But there was still something that I absolutely wanted to share with you guys. (I’m sure you wanted to  know)

I’m sure you have seen in my previous post that I’ve been injured  and also that the doctor ordered me not to cook for at least 2 weeks … So me being a very good patient, I left the cooking job for the past 2 weeks to my girlfriend 🙂 … I must really say that she has outdone herself (ok I might have been in the kitchen to boss her around).  She made Tikka Masala, sole  with leek puree and a Beurre blanc white beer sauce, etc… I really could get used to this 😉

And it didn’t stop there she even cooked most of the dishes for the Christmas dinner at our house. I just wanted to share this with everybody as I’m a very proud man!

I wish you guys all the best for 2012!! I hope I’ll be able to inspire you some more

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