A trip down memory lane: Spezzatino

This recipe actually brings me back right to my childhood, as my dad and grandmother made this dish soooooooo many times. The original recipe is with veal stew meat, but as I was a picky eater when I was young (now I made up that lost time 🙂 ) my dad used to make it with chipolata sausage… so if you prefer the original recipe, just use the veal instead of the chipolata.

This is a dish you can make for 1 up to a whole bunch of people and best to serve with Polenta or boiled potatoes. Ok, here we go. With what remains you make use to make a pasta.

For  4 pers.


800 g chipolata (beef or veal stew meat)

1 big finely chopped onion

25 g butter

Olive oil

3 dried bay leaves

Fresh rosemary

Paprika powder

Little bottle of red wine

Pepper, salt

Peas (frozen, amount according to liking)

Kenya (frozen, amount according to liking)

2 big finely chopped carrots

2-3 tins of peeled (chopped) tomatoes

1-2 chicken stock cubes


Get started:

Bake the meat in a large cooking pot with a little bit of butter and olive oil and some Rosemary until nice golden brown.

You now add all the chopped vegetables  (not the tomatoes) and let it simmer for 15 minutes or until you see the vegetables start to brown

Quench with the red wine, add the tomatoes  and add the salt, pepper, bay leaves, chickenstock and paprika powder. Also add water until all is under water.Let is cook on a low/medium heat for about 2 hours (stir from time to time)

until it basically looks like picture below 🙂

Best to serve with polenta which is ver easy to make!!

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