What kind of Pasta?

Some people say that every pasta is alike. Well, those people are wrong 🙂

Which pasta I’ll be eating, will depend of the sauce it is with… for example I would only eat regular Spaghetti with Vongole or trofie with pesto sauce, when I eat a sugo di carne (bolognaise) I’ll be tempted more to eat penne or maybe some taglierini, etc…. I know, it might sound strange and maybe it is something Italian, but that’s the way it is … You try it at home and you’ll see, it really makes a difference!!

Last night I actually found a very nice infographic created by Charming Italy together with Barilla. They made a whole chart with all different kinds of pasta where you they help you to find to the right pasta, but also if you’re eating somewhere and wondering which pasta you’re eating, this chart will help you discovering which pasta it is.

If you want to have a closer look at this chart you can find it on the following link

These are obviously not ALL the types of pasta that exist, but I’m sure you’ll discover and learn new pasta’s thanks to this chart

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