A snowy dinner in Antwerp

Friday was one of THE worst days in Belgian history to be driving as there was over 1200km of traffic jam due to the heavy snowfall . So basically the best thing to do was to just stay at home…. Which would have been ok if I hadn’t booked a table in a restaurant with my colleagues :-). So I had to face the snow. (No snow, storm, etc… will keep me from eating 😉 )

My colleagues and I went to restaurant  12 place du marché. Something nice to know is that the chef, Thomas, did a few years of Chef school with me.  What I liked when I booked the table, was the fact that even if we were with 10 people, we still didn’t have to let them k now in advance what we were going to eat…But even though I didn’t have to, I still send them a day before what we were going to eat, as I just figured it would be easier for the kitchen …. They serve a wide variety of International dishes, with influences from Italian, French and even Asian cuisine.

As I said, a feast for the eye and the taste palet  🙂 A very popular dish at our table as a starter was the ‘Tortellone Gigante’ filled with cep mushrooms and truffle with a light creamy sauce with wild mushrooms…This plate really had a nice harmonization of tastes (well if you like mushrooms that is 🙂 )

The prettiest dish of the evening  was without any doubt the Foie gras, just look yourself… Even for me,  who doesn’t like foie gras that much, I would eat it just because it looks this nice 🙂

For the main course I went for an Italian classic, Saltimbocca alla romana … For some reason I always get attracted by these dishes although there were lots of things I would have liked to eat. The most popular main course at our table was Teriyaki steak.

All plates were empty, so I assume everybody liked it 🙂 (I know I did). We didn’t feel like taking bottles of wine as with the heavy snow and all it didn’t seem  like good to drink too much, but I even with the responsibility in our minds,  we did sponsor the Duvel Brewery this evening 😉 if you ask me

I enjoyed this evening, first of all because of the wonderful company of my dear colleagues. Second of all because of the nice food and the attention of Audrey, our hostess.

And so after a sweet dinner, we headed back home (by this time all traffic was gone)


Restaurant 12 place du marché:

Website:  http://www.12placedumarche.be/

Address :

Nieuwstad 12

2000 Antwerp, Belgium

Phone n°: +32 (0) 3 707 11 29


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