An Italian in Spain part 2

During our stay we also enjoyed  lots of great restaurant/ tapabars. Some of them were from Tragaluz, but you read about this is a previous blog post.

Restaurant Les Quinze Nits was another true discovery (thanks to friends of mine), heavenly desserts! This restaurant doesn’t take reservations, so you’d better be quick to get a table, as always a whole row of people waiting to get a table … So we got lucky. When sitting outside, watch out for the pickpockets!

Another must do place to have a drink and tapas before y ou have dinner is  Can Paixano (la xampaneria) in Carrer de la Reina Cristina, crowed but a ‘must do’ in Barcelona.  FYI, the more napkins you see on the floor, the better the tapas J  (a Spanish rule). There of course many many other great tapa bars, restaurants, etc.. in Barcelona.. So let me know if you discovered some nice places in Barcelona! I’m always happy to try new places

When we went to Barcelona, we were really lucky that we had some beautiful weather, so we could actually go to the beach every day. What we usually did was walk in the city and around 4 p.m. (sometimes earlier) go to  the beach and enjoy the last sun of the day …. This worked perfectly as dinner starts very late. So we still have time to get back to the hotel and to the restaurant.

We even had one day we staid an entire day at the beach  and believe it or not, but we had stir-fried food for lunch. It might seem like not done in Spain, but this was the closest to our spot on the beach . This place was called Woki market, there are specialized in organic food :-). That was actually some good eating for a day at the beach, we could have done worse.

Something that really surprised me, was the good public transport in Barcelona… something I wouldn’t have expected from a southern-European country/city. The busses and metro trains ALWAYS came on time.  In some cities, taking the subway or bus can be hell, just finding out the route it is taking, but not  in Barcelona! Honestly. We used it the whole time we were there!

Another way to get around in Barcelona (besides bicycles ) is the little Yellow Go cars… We didn’t do this, as I thought it looked silly, my Girlfriend liked it…  You be the judge…

We stayed at the Diagonal hotel in Barcelona, at that  time we had a good deal via . overall is was a nice hotel , they had a nice choice of breakfast, the rooms were nice… the only thing some people might find less, it that it is not right in the heart of the city center, but it only took us a 15 minute walk to the Barceloneta/ Port Olimpic and when taking subway, you are in just a few minutes at Plaça Cataluña, Passeig Garcia (where the fancy shops are) or sagrada familia. I would also always know there the hotel was, just by looking at the building next to it, which was a giant sausage shaped building (some give another word to it 😉 . I would just suggest to find a good deal on if you decide going to Barcelona.

I could go on and on about this city, but I think the best way is to explore this city yourself. Like I said before, this city has something to offer for everybody!… I k now I’ll be going back! Hope you will to?

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