Dinner at a flemish foodie

Yesterday evening I finally got to try restaurant J.E.F.in Gent! You cannot believe how long it took me to get a table. My expectations for this restaurant were pretty high, first of all as every review I have read about it was extremely positive. Secondly because Jason Blanckaert (chef and owner) is part of the Flemish Foodies…. So I wanted to try and check all this positiveness myself (not sure if this is a correct word, but it works for me).

For me restaurant J.E.F is the Gent version of L’épicerie du cirque (which is in Antwerp), the restaurant spreads a good vibe 🙂 from the moment you enter, both by the cozy interior (I liked it, especially the burn marked JEF lable on all tables) as the friendly staff. I was lucky enough to have the best spot of the evening, overlooking the partially open kitchen. This way I can also see the dishes I didn’t take (I’m a curious person).

If you are a too picky eater, I’m not sure if you’d find your ‘dada’ at J.E.F as we say. Lucky for me I’m no picky eater 🙂 and I liked the choice of dishes they proposed. Something I do have to add is that they also think of the vegetarians! In the choice of 4 starters and 5 main dishes there were refined veggie dishes (and no, no garden salad). For the starters you have to count between 15-20 EUR and for the main courses between 20-30 EUR. So, not to excessive.

Before we started eating, they gave a nice appetizer. They had made my favorite combination for a sandwich: ham, gherkins and crispy bread 🙂 (so for me it started well)

Yesterday evening we were lucky enough to try the new menu (they change it every x weeks). As a starter we took pork cheek with apple, pickles sauce and celeriac. As main dish I had the sole with crabmeat, pickleweed, hazelnut cream and bisque (probably made from the shell of the crab). I really love the hazelnut taste with the sole! My fellow eater had pork streaky, with young leak and ramsons.

I chose to go for wine with my meal, as they have a really nice wine list (between 5-7 EUR per glass). With my starter I had a white Pinot Blanc by Julien Meyer called ‘Les pierres chaudes’(I have to admit that I had chosen it because they said it was a funky wine J, so wanted to know their definition of it). With my main course I asked a suggestion of the restaurant, and funny enough they served (without me telling them) me a wine I had indeed laid my eyes upon, because it came from my dad’ s birthplace Valtellina, it was a Rosso di Valtellina from Ar.Pe.Pe. If you prefer beer (like my fellow eater), they also have a nice choice of beers and I’m sure the staff will be able to help you find a perfect match with your dish.

Something I really don’t want to keep from you, is the incredibly funny wall painting in the men’s room (FYI, normally I don’t take pictures here: -) )

I had a great relaxing night, thanks to the tasty food and the great company from my buddy Valentijn, if I would still live in Gent I’m sure I’d be a regular visitor of J.E.F.

FYI, for late eaters on friday, JEF has a special as between 10.30 pm – 01.00am you can eat a meal for 20 EUR!

Restaurant J.E.F.

Website: http://www.j-e-f.be


Lange Steenstraat 10,

9000 Gent, Belgium

Phone n°: +32 (0)9 336.80.58

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