Walrus and me

If you are expecting a heroic story about me and a walrus, I’ll have to disappoint you…

What I do have for you guys, is another great spot to do some nice eating, called Walrus 🙂

I actually got to know this eatery thanks to my mom, she ate at Walrus with a couple of friends and liked it. I, trusting my mom’s taste, of course wanted to try this… (just to change and not go to the same restaurants again). I can say for a fact that I officially like it :-). Summarizing my impressions: Good honest food, good portions, a pleasant environment, cute waitresses and last but not least, normal and correct prices for both the food and drinks.

I’m a quit big eater and usually feel like eating a starter, but the problem is that sometimes I’m the only one at the table to feels like eating 2 whole dishes… Lucky for me Walrus had a great solution for this, a Tapamix (with some very nasty meatballs). So the tapamix made my evening even better 🙂

Our choice of dishes tonight went to the Vol-au-vent (I really love this dish) and for my company Salmon with baby spinach and mashed potatoes. A feast for both the taste buds as the eye…

To make a long story short (or shorter, because I always like to give you guys the whole picture 🙂 )

If you don’t feel like cooking and want to have some good food in a nice environment, Walrus is the place for you…

Hope you’ll like it!

Walrus eatery

Website: http://www.eetcafewalrus.com/


Jan van Beersstraat 2

2018 Antwerp, Belgium

Phone n°: +32 (0) 3 238 39 93


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