The big apple – part 3

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal a day… for me every meal is important! I already shared where I had lunch, so it would be cruel to know let you know where I had dinner!  Just like for lunch it wasn’t easy to decide where we would eat, even with all the address I got from friends. We just tried a few places spread over the city, 1 night we even ate in Brooklyn. In general I have the impression that New Yorkers don’t take time to enjoy life. Everything has to happen as quickly as possible, even having dinner has to happen fast. Personally I found this quite disturbing that always have the feeling that have to eat everything in 10 minutes and free your table as quickly as possible…So if you are hoping to enjoy a long dinner you can keep hoping, but you won’t find too many of these places in NYC (not even Michelin star restaurants).

Luckily we did find a place where you could eat without feeling the pressure to free up you table again, this restaurant was called ‘Alias’. Alias located on the corner of Clinton and Rivington street which is pretty south in NYC close to the Williamsburg Bridge. I liked this restaurant as this was a spot where local people come to eat new American food. I wasn’t too sure what to expect or what New American food was before we arrived there, but I was positively surprised + the people working here were all very friendly. On the menu there were lots of things I wanted to eat, but one has to choose  (otherwise I would just be greedy), my choice went to the Creek stone farms hanger steak with red bliss smashed potatoes, kale and a red wine reduction . My fiancée took the taco plate, which were three soft corn tacos with black bean & radish salad on the side: existing out of One fish taco with cabbage, pico de gallo, jalapeño mayo (very spicy, just FYI), a veggie taco with zucchini, huitlacoche, tomatillo-avocado salsa, arugula and last but not least a Grilled chicken taco with avocado, sour cream and jalapeño. Both accompanied by a full and rich 2008 red Argentinian Malbec. Overall a very nice dinner and I’m sure if I’m in NYC again, I’ll be coming here again.

One evening we decided we wanted to eat outside of Manhattan, so we had to cross a Bridge in NYC to have dinner, this brought us to Brooklyn.

To restaurant ‘Grimaldi’s’ to be more precise. It is said that Grimaldi’s is serving the best pizza in New York City, so I just had to try it and judge for myself (I’m a realy pizza lover, who isn’t?). Grimaldi’s was also the first restaurant in NYC where we had to wait in line to get a table, so this got me even more exited to try it. One thing can be said for a fact,it are some big pizza’s they serve there and they were good, but to call them the best I ever had I’m not sure… Something I do have to share is that they the pizza’s had the strangest looking mozzarella on them, it looked like white paint… but I wasn’t sick of it, so noooo worries. From Grimaldi’s you are just a stone throw away from the Brooklyn Bridge, so if you eat here in the evening,  you have one of the most beautiful views of the NYC skyline by night…  I would say try Grimaldi’s pizza and you be the judge

You cannot go to NYC or the US and not try a hamburger. Our first night in NYC we tried the Burgerjoint. The burgerjoint can be found and believe it or not, in one of the fanciest hotels in NYC, the ‘Le Parker Meridien’. So you would expect to find a very clean and upscale place, but this was definitely not the case. It was without any doubt one of the funkiest places we been to in NYC (I might even say the funkiest in the whole US that I visited). For the interior just picture on all walls you find names and signatures of famous people who ate here, and old school restaurant furniture and not too much light 🙂

On the menu they only have 3 things you can order a hamburger and 2 types of cheeseburgers… but then again, who would need more choice? Better to keep it simple and good than trying to invent stuff that is not good is my opinion … Anyway it is indeed an experience. . My apologies for the bad pictures, but it was very dark in the restaurant and I didn’t want to draw too much attention on myself by using a flash…

I did try a few other restaurants during our visit (I never skip meals, unless I’m sick and even then). We even tried famous NYC restaurants that everybody told us to try, but I think the hype around some restaurants is bigger  and more promising than what they actually give you and worst of it is that it costs you a looooooot of money… so  I just don’t feel like sharing them.

But as this was not be my last trip to NYC, I already made a ‘to do’ list for next time I’m in NYC!  The Fat Radish, Max, The little owl, Annisa and without any doubt Le Bernardin, all restaurants I really want to try, so I just have to go back (it is my duty as Foodblogger and Human 🙂 )

OK, in the next and last part of my New York trip I’ll share with you the spots you just have to see (Yes, you can indeed do something else than eating)

To be continued….

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