Citrus, sweeter than lemons

Citrus, a restaurant you can find on in between the fancy shops on the Passeig Garcia. I got this tip from a colleague of mine aka Judith (who I thank for her tips), who works and lives in Barcelona, so I was pretty sure I could trust her choices. What didn’t know upfront is that restaurant is also from the Angroup, just like Piscolabis that I mentioned in my previous post (a tip I received from another friend). Here again a very good quality-price value, but this time in a more fancy surrounding.

For a meal in at restaurant you have to count around 30EUR per person for a whole meal including drinks… we drank glasses of cava during the whole meal… (it just felt more festively 🙂 )

We started our meal with for me some cannelloni Barcelona style (not sure what made it from Barcelona) and my beautiful fiancée took a salad with shrimps.

This got followed by some tuna and avocado for my fiancée and sea bass for me and we finished our dinner with a chocolate dessert.

Overall a good meal and next time I’m in Barcelona I will be here again. We enjoyed the whole meal so much that we also tried 2 other restaurants from the angroup Attic and Qu Qu… It is true that you can see some dishes come back on the menu in all restaurants, but nevertheless they serve it with the same good quality and correct price. (I have never paid more than 65EUR for 2 all in in their restaurants)

The bonus on my table was, besides the good food, without any doubt my gorgeous fiancée (well this is a bonus I have every time I sit at a table)… she always makes everything even better!

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