Another level of Italian food

Normally I’m not really into going to an Italian restaurant outside of Italy, but from time to time I make an exception. This time it brought me to Franco di Taranto’s restaurant Spiga d’oro. No regular pizza or pasta dishes like in other Italian restaurants, but real refined Italian gastronomical dishes that get served with some of Italy’s best wines (which fyi doesn’t always mean expensive). Spiga d’oro stands for quality the whole way! There were actually 2 reasons that convinced me to try this restaurant, firstly because a while ago I met and had dinner (quit a few bottles of wine passed the review that evening) with Gianluca and Anne-Sophie (Franco’s son (sommelier) and his future daughter in law (not putting any pressure ;-)) and I really liked them. Secondly because Spiga d’oro has already for a few years a score of 14/20 in the Gault Millau guide.

To open our taste buds, they served us a pumpkin soup with some kind of pancetta in it (if my memory remembers it right). This got followed by some Bio “Aquarello” risotto with pumpkin and red mullet that got finished off with some very special and delicate Laudemio olive oil. Our main course for the night was indescribable good and some of the best pieces of meat I have ever eaten, we had the Tagliata di Bovina, mosto di vincotto, andiva con miele di tartuffo. This piece of meat melted like butter on your tongue. Finally I finished my dinner with a piece of lemon meringue.

My compliments to Franco and his team as they bring Italian food to another level!

Of course we also drank some wine with our dinner. I have to be honest that the thing I like about Italian wines, is that I know more about them than about French wines 🙂 But it is a fact that in a restaurant you always fall back on the wines you know and usually pick the “safe” wine.  If it were not for Gianluca, I would have chosen a Gewürztraminer or a Vermentino. Gianluca then suggested me to try a white wine from Lazio ( a region not really known for its wines), a 2011 Donnaluce made by Poggio le Volpi .I’m really glad we took Gianluca’s advice! This wine had it all, the great smell, fruity taste with a lovely aftertaste that felt like a party in your mouth 🙂 (me and my friends who joined me for dinner liked the wine so much we are buying some bottles this weekend). With our heavenly meat we drank a 2007 red wine from Trentino, Moratel made by Cesconi.

After this meal it is really clear to me why this restaurant has received such a good score in the Gault Millau guide year after year.  The whole Spiga d’oro team really does their best to make your dinner a very nice experience and a rememberable evening by combining their knowhow with good quality products.

Before I leave you, I have to share a picture of my partners in crime to try Spiga d’oro, you guys are the best!

I can only advice you to try Spiga d’oro.

Restaurant Spiga d’oro


Address: Leuvensesteenweg 43, 3191 Hever-Boortmeerbeek  Belgium

Phon n°: +32 ( 0)15 520 535

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