Quick lunch spots in London

Use the forks!

I love good food, but I’m sure you already knew that. A key factor in eating is time! Especially lunch time, when you are on a city trip there are obviously other things to do then eating the whole time. Although I have to admit that it were for me I would be eating non stop (Am I surprising you?), but even I would start to feel guilty for not visiting the city I’m in. That is why for lunch we (me and my beautiful fiancée) always have a quick (preferably in a place where we can sit) lunch. In the evening we can make up for it and take our time for dinner. Finding a place to have a quick good lunch can be tricky and going to one of those multinational fast-food chains is out of the question.  Before leaving on a city trip, I usually write down some places I’d like to try. But you can be sure that most of the time they opposite side of the city from the sport where I am at that moment :-).

On one of these moment we walked into Wardour street (coming from Oxford Street), it was like finding the “Holy Grail”. So many nice spots to have lunch (here my greediness kicked in again). All kinds of cuisines, from Pizza to Indian to Fish&chips to healthy food (as you can see on the map below, that is one loooooong street, so it would even be possible to eat nonstop whole day long :-))

map wardour street

Our choice went to a place called BananaTree that is specialized in Indochinese kitchen (Indonesian/Chinese). What actually convinced me was the fact they had one of my all-time favorite dishes on the menu, Rendang. Rendang is a slow cooked beef stew with a nutty curry with a coconut based sauce and is for me without any doubt  ‘King of Curries’(Amen to that!).I used to eat it in a great Indo restaurant in Antwerp, but they closed down a long time ago (so I was craving for some Rendang). It tasted just like I remembered it, spicy with a little touch of sweetness and all the rich flavors a curry supposed to have! (I’m about to eat my keyboard)  On top of that we also had a green pancake (yes green) as dessert filled with coconut (that was some goooooood eating we did!).


Bananatree interior

Bananatree Rendang

Bananatree Green Thai pancakes

Bananatree one happy camper

A few other places that caught my attention in Wardour street:

Imli: the place Indian tapas, perfect to taste lots of different Indian dishes.


Princi: I actually tried the original Princi in Milan, where I probably had one of THE best breakfasts ever. The London branch (only branch outside of Milan) also sells pizza… check my blogpost about it. I can definitely recommend this!

But there were sooooo many more nice places (to many to write down), I’m sure you’ll find something of your liking.

To be continued….

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