Andalusian roadtrip: the food

I know I always write long blog posts about the food I had during my trips, but this time I figured to take a different approach as there were far too many restaurants I did 🙂

The restaurants you see below are not the only restaurants we did during our trip in Andalusia, but they sure were our favourites with DéO and Eslava in Sevilla as two of the best during are whole trip. No Michelin starred food or fancy smancy things, just good honest food and mostly tapas in all kinds!!  With special thanks to trip advisor and some local people to guide us to these places 🙂


El meson de Cervantes

El Meson de Cervantes Malaga

El Tapeo de Cervantes : this might also be the smallest restaurant we did during our trip (you are literally breathing down each others neck ), but they serve some great tapas and I hope you don’t mind the waiters telling you what you should be eating 🙂

Tapeo de Cervantes Malaga

Vino Mio : we did this restaurant at the end of our trip when we had enough of eating tapas every day. They serve Balinese inspired food 🙂 (I know! But we were so sick of eating the tapas the whole time) and they also sometimes have some flamenco dancers dancing the night away (not really my thing, but it was nice to watch)

Restaurante Vino Mio  Malaga

Jerez de la Frontera


Albala Jerez

Reino de Leon Gastrobar: on top of the good food we got a beautiful interior :-). I also can’t get enough of one of the dishes on the picture below 😉

Reino De Leon Gastrobar Jerez

Detabernas: in a small street where you wouldn’t immediately go, but it is worth going.

Detabernas Jerez


Eslava: One of our favorites and looking at the people waiting in line for a table tells me I’m not the only one who likes it here and lots of locals btw.  I can still taste the rich flavors of fresh food prepared in the perfect way! Simple, but amazing!

Eslava Sevilla

DéO: together with Eslava one of our favorites. Refined food, great wine selection, good prices aaaand the most friendly staff!!

DéO Sevilla

Vineria San Telmo

Vineria San Telmo Sevilla

Taberna Coloniales: no nonsense food for low prices and great portions. Special thanks to the Taylor family for this one 😉

Taberna Coloniales Sevilla

Conil de la Frontera

Doña Lola: Serves the most fresh fish ever! From the sea directly in your plate (Great tuna!!)


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