Happy 2014

Let me first start with wishing you guys all the best for 2014! May all your dreams come through. I know  it has been a while since my last post, but I’ve been so busy with renovations at home (somebody always seems things to renovate at home, somebody not gonna specify who 😉 ) and with all the festivities during the holiday periode… But I’m back

This year I didn’t go for the “cliche” New Year’s resolution saying I would eat less 🙂 . As I know I would be lying to myself as before the 2014 started I already had some nice dinners and trips planned for the New Year to which I’m looking forward a lot! I’ll keep you posted (oooooooh yeah, a little word game going on here)

Anyhow I’ll be publishing my first 2014 blogpost very soon and hopefully you’ll be liking my new blog posts as much as in 2013!


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