Roadtripping through Portugal: The Douro Valley

The most memorable panoramic views we’ve seen during our trip were without any doubt those of the vineyards in the Douro valley. I might even say that it were some of the most beautiful vineyards I have ever seen. It had something mystical to it… also your respect for the winegrowers or better for the grape pickers grows enormously as all of the grapes are handpicked!!! I’m sure the harvest here takes a bit longer than in other parts of the world 🙂






Do try to take a little cruise on the Douro River (if the weather permits it, unfortunately for us it didn’t), it normally takes 2,5hours (you can also take one for a whole day if you really like it) and brings you to some very beautiful place and gives you a totally different perspective and will bring to some very beautiful little towns aboard the Douro river like Pinhão with a very picturesque little train station and São João da Pesqueira with the beautiful Praça da República.

Pinhao station

Praca  da replublica

What many people actually don’t know it the importance of the Douro River for the Port wine? Did you know that the Port wine is actually made in the Douro valley, as it is here were all the vineyards are (there non in Porto itself) and until the 1960’s all the Port wines got transported over water (aka the Douro River) in barrels to Vila Nova de Gaia where the Port wine would be aging, bottled and exported all over the world with Porto as starting shipping point (which is right at the opposite site of the over the river from Vila Nova de Gaia). Nowadays they obviously use more modern ways to transport the wines to Vila Nova de Gaia. This is why you will also be finding all the Port estates here in the Douro valley represented by a Quinta.


During our stay we slept at the Douro Folgosa Hotel, which is right t the waterfront. If you prefer a bit more luxury and a massage from time to time I’d recommend you to go to the Aquapura Duoro Valley hotel. If you have a bit of time and like refined gastronomical food, do try to stop at restaurant DOC, one of the 3 restaurants from Chef Riu Paula located right on the Douro river across the Douro Folgosa Hotel. I don’t think they are Michelin star awarded, but they definitely are at that level on both service and food!! The cuisine they serve is one I like a lot, as it is simpel with a twist… I mean you still know what you’re eating and they still were able to add that bit of special to it 🙂






Please feast your eyes on our lunch menu  they served us at DOC all paired with Niepoort wines (I’ll be talking more about Niepoort). I loved every single dish and wine, it is true the hamburgers might seem small, but that were full of taste :-). We finished our meal with a glass filled with a heavenly drink aka a 1998 Niepoort Colhieta

Leatao Hamburger

Quail with portuguese cabbage

Cod fish with a maisbread crust topped with hot olive oil

White chocolat filled with red fruits

Trio of desserts Almond ice, Port sabayon, lemon souffle


If you would drive towards Porto, take the old road for a while before going on the highway. We did this while heading to Porto and I can say that even though there are quite a few turns it was a very relaxing drive through the hills of the Douro valley

BUT the mean reason to come to the Douro valley is for its wines… more about my visit to the wine crazy Dirk Niepoort and the beautiful Quinta do Popa vineyard in my next blog posts

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