That is what a brother is for…

I’m pretty sure I’ve already told you guys but in I haven’t… I have 1 older brother who besides being a great brother is also one of my best friends! When it comes to food my brother is as fanatic (if not more) about food than I am with the only difference that I’m open for all kinds of food and for him it has to be Italian food/wine :-). FYI, to my opinion he also is a better cook than me… (he cooks just like my beloved zia Livia – I’m pretty sure when he’ll read this he’ll have a giant smile for me saying this) Therefore I also from time to time ask him for some cooking tips. Earlier this week for example I was telling him I still had some ricotta and wasn’t sure what to make with it and that I didn’t feel like making the usual stuffed spinach and ricotta crespelle or cannelloni… So after him giving a few options that didn’t really float my boat (I’m not difficult in case you’re wondering) he advised me to go the “Giallo Zafferano” website. For me this website is definitely the discovery of the year!!

Giallo zafferano

You can just enter a main ingredient that you feel like cooking with for example(or my case I had left) and the website gives you an enormous list of recipes. Recipes that are easy to make for everybody (even for the non-Italian speakers), they are explained in an easy ways and are included with instructive pictures and sometimes even a video… For the Italian speakers, I think with some help of google translate you’ll be able to figure out all ingredients). Also once you opened a recipe they also give you a few alternative recipes or recipes that are alike…

Giallo zafferano (search)

In case you are wondering I made the Lasagna alla ricotta, I did add some cooked ham (also leftover) which wasn’t part of the original recipe…

Giallo zafferano recipe

Giallo zafferano recipe preperation

I hope you’ll find the website as useful as I did!!

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