Tour de France without bikes but with wine and food

Travelling on an empty stomach isn’t advisable or at least I would never do it :-). So before setting sail towards Beaune Carlos and I decided to enforce our inner person in a local eatery recommended by locals (in this case Laure and Florie). This brought us to ‘La Ruche’ in the heart of the Cornas town centre (Cornas city if you will ;-)). La Ruche means ‘beehive’ in English, this is also why the restaurant’s logo is a part of a beehive…(I’ve been told the story about it, but I can’t remember :-() We were not sure what kind of food to expect , but in the end it was exactly the kind of food were craving and looking for (comfort food with high quality ingredients)… Simple, very tasty and accompanied by a good glass of local wine… Sweet as honey (to keep it in the ‘bee’ theme 😉 ) Their nice interior and the lovely young lady behind the counter were a bonus. 😉






Not that we were in a big hurry, but as we still had to drive 3hours towards Beaune we didn’t want to take too long to eat. This is why we chose La Ruche’s lunch menu (the other dishes on the black board also look appetizing) existing out of a main dish and dessert (we also got some njammy homemade Humus as taster). As main dish we were served was Codfish with a parsnip purée and Jerusalem artichokes with which I took a refreshing glass(es) of white Viognier by Alain Jaume . Our dessert was an all time favorite, a ‘moelleux au chocolat’ made with the local Valrhona chocolate from Tain-l’Hermitage (15minutes from Cornas). A nice glass of Port (a Vintage or Colheita), Madeira of Sherry (Oloroso) would have made even more perfect… but sometimes one just doesn’t have to exaggerate 🙂 🙂 This was only day 1… I know you normally should see every day as your last day, but my cholesterol sometimes things otherwise 😉




If you are ever in the neighborhood, I definitely recommend you to make a stop at La Ruche because you won’t regret it!!

Up to Beaune …


La Ruche

Address: Quai du Docteur Jules Bouvat 13, 07130 Saint-Péray

Phone n° : +33 (0) 982 404 438

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