Spreading the Californian joy

Gallo Family

Sometimes it is nice to give you some insights from within the winery business. A hot topic for the moment is about Hasselt Millesime, one of Belgium’s top 3 wine import companies (wholesale). They are enlarging import gamma! After already being the distributor (amongst other) for one of Italy’s largest wineries (Zonin), it will now be importing wines from the biggest Californian wine estate that I’m sure you all know E &J Gallo winery. I know E & J Gallo mostly from seeing it in the supermarkets here in Belgium, but under the leading hand of Hasselt Millesime (for Belgium) they will try to enlarge their share in restaurants 🙂 In case you think ‘ooh’ it is just a wine they sell in the supermarket, I can tell for a fact that they are more than that, they obviously have wines from all levels or a wine for everybody going from a regular table wine to more gastronomical wines like their  Gallo Signature Series.  What I personally didn’t know is that they also produce other drinks besides wine like Rum,Tequila, Gin 🙂 (all the other products)… Lots of new things to try

Gallo wines Gallo signature series

Anyhow, I wish them both the best of luck and I’m sure Hasselt Millesime can help the Family grow 🙂

Edouard Baijot & Michel Fryns

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