Never judge a book by its cover

“Never judge a book by its cover” has been more accurate than ever before!! Last week my friends and I decided (or better I told them where we were going 😉 ) to have a meal at Friture René (as part of our gastronomical odyssey ). For the people who don’t know what a ‘Friture’ is, it basically is a place where you can get French fries for ‘take out’ and sometimes you can even eat them at the place where they make em. Usually you can also buy a piece of chicken, sausage or something else to go with it… kinda like a fish and chips place in UK.

Friture rene

Basically nothing fancy… Friture René is a ‘brasserie’ like place with old school red/white checkered tablecloths (like you can see on the pictures below) where you can eat French fries (or better Belgian Fries) with either meat(steak), meat (entrecôte), meat (other meat preparations like Belgian beer stew) and mussels 🙂 . So in case you are a vegetarian, I would stick with the Belgian Fries 🙂 or maybe a dessert. For the meat eaters amongst you, the piece of meat (Cube roll) we had was one of the BEST pieces of meat I have EVER eaten!!!!  I am not kidding!! On top of the fact that they have amazing meat (also local Belgian meats) they have an amazing wine list that some fancy restaurants would jealous of, a wide assortment of refined tea’s and coffee’s (Colombian, Peruvian and other South American blends) and beers from small local breweries…. You have to see it to believe it. I would have never expected to find all of this in a ‘friture’ 🙂 (especially the tea’s 🙂 ) It might not come as a surprise that amongst the ‘habitués’ or regular customers there a lots of famous Michelin Star chefs and sommeliers… who were actually the once telling me to come/go to Friture René.


The fact that all 4 friends who were with me were talking to everybody about it it the best sign that I’m telling the truth about how good it is! And again it is the simple food that rules our night and is spoken about many days after it 🙂 A place for people all levels of society and for everybody’s wallet.


As if a 400g piece of Entrecote wasn’t enough, just to make sure we wouldn’t leave home hungry we each took a starter (all homemade) … also here nothing fancy, but oooh so good. In case you missed it, we didn’t think of our cholesterol at all that night…not that on other occasions I think of it, usually I have my wife with me for that 😉 , but she wasn’t there 🙂 …no just kidding, I have wonderful wife (who I think has already given up after 16years 🙂 )




I don’t anything else to add to this article besides the fact that I (we) had a f..king great meal and get hungry just the thought of it!!

Friture René

Address: Verzetsplein 14, 1070 Anderlecht

Website:  Friture René

Little film of friture rené

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