No cooking for me tonight, just eat-ing

I love cooking, but when we can be lazy or make life easier for ourselves we just do it!! There are lots of ways of being lazy (food-wise), going to a restaurant, do a take out, get your ingredients home delivered (but in that case you’d still have to prepare it) or maybe even have a prepared meal home delivered. f I haIve to be completely honnest, I’ve never  been a home delivery or take out kinda guy… I think that I’ve only done it 3 or 4 times in my entire life, but as I’m always open for trying something new (or re-try) I thought I’ve give it a shot and order a home delivery meal via ‘Just Eat’ that make home delivery even easier then it already was. Why just eat? Because I had heared lots of great things about this website…

just eat

Just eat basically bundles all the restaurants that do home delivery and you order your meal via their website. You can see it as online shopping, but in this case for a prepared meal :-). Only in a few mouse clicks  you can order you meal hours, even hours  in advance!! So not like in the old days where you had to wait for the restaurants to be open before you can pass your order. You just indicate where you are located, after this you’ll get a page with all the restaurant that do a delivery in that specific location. Go to the menu and place you order and if wanted you can already pay in advance. After that it’s just waiting for it to be delivered 🙂 It doesn’t get easier than this on a lazy evening, you only have to get out of your couch to open the door 🙂

Just eat website

Just eat website 2

My initial thought was that you’d only be able to order pizza to get home delivered, but let’s just say that over the year’s the range of food you can get home delivered has grown!! I was surprised of the wide assortment of cuisines. Does this mean people got much lazier? 🙂 😉 My wife and I decied to order some sushi (although the fried chicken did also look tasty. I actually wanted dim-sum instead of the sushi (as my wife is a bigger Sushi fan then I am), but my wife “forgot” to order it 😦



Nevertheless I ate it all…and was happy I could be lazy for a change. Up to my next lazy moment and Just eat 🙂


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