Healthy comfort food in your own home

Food trucks are more popular than ever before!In Belgium, one of the pioneers of making food trucking more popular and getting them on lots of big events is ‘Jean sur mer’ aka Jan Kegels. Jean sur mer stands for fair, sustainable and seasonal fish dishes. One of THE classic dishes on their menu are the kibblings that I was fortunate enough to taste on multiple occasions and I enjoyed AAAAAAAAAAA lot.  Whoever says they don’t like comfort food are definitely lying 🙂

Jean sur mer Kibbling burger

FYI a kibbling is a piece of fish with a coating aka batter around it 🙂 Like the fish from fish&chips 🙂


The only problem is that you don’t always have a food truck in the neighboorhoud to get you that comfort . For this problem our dear friends of Jean sur mer have found a solution!! Jean sur mer has launched his own kibbling batter that is available online via the Jean sur mer website or in one of the following shops:

  • Slagerij Gadisseur, Moeshofstraat 150 2170 Merskem,
  • Comptoir, Volkstraat 23 2000 Antwerpen,
  • Vishandel Delice, Bredabaan 291 2930 Brasschaat,
  • De Visbar, Bredabaan 314 2930 Brasschaat,
  • Hielkema Hengelsport, Ertbrandstraat 55 2950 Kapellen,
  • AD Delhaize Kapellen, Ertbrandstraat 209 2950 Kapellen,
  • Carrefour Express Mariaburg, St Antoniuslie 26 2930 Brasschaat,
  • Supermarkt Alhoceima, Galifortlei 10 2100 Deurne,
  • Deurnse vishandel , Plankenbergstraat 49 2100 Deurne,
  • Robbyfish, Fortbaan 68 2160 Wommelgem.


What is good about the ‘Jean sur mer’ batter is that you can use it either as batter to fry your fish in a fryer OR if like me you don’t have a fryer at home, you can use the batter (without adding liquid) to bread your fish and bake it in a regular pan… BTW this way of preparing  your fish is a good way to make your kids eat fish.

Anyhow so next time you’re craving there’s an easy solution to still that craving! I could have made pictures about how-to, but I’m sure the instruction film on the following link will be much more helpful 🙂


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