Welcome to hotel Pahor

As my zia Livia isn’t getting any younger, my wife and I thought it seemed better not to sleep at her place during our holidays in Friuli (she did insist that we come every for lunch at her place… her wish, our command ;-)) After a long search and ‘analyses’ of reviews on the usual suspects like booking.com, tripadvisor, etc… I found hotel Pahor that pleased me or better on “paper” it looked good 🙂 When I told my zia Livia her first reaction was that she wanted to check out the place before we booked it 🙂  😉 it turned out the hotel only opened its doors in 2014, which basically means it was all still brand new and we got her blessing 🙂  🙂  not that we needed it, but better safe than sorry right?

Hotel Pahor

Hotel Pahor is a “small” family run hotel/ restaurant. The restaurant part was a very important factor during our search to a hotel! With a 1 year old girl we thought it would be easier… Last year we had an apartment, but I was more at the supermarket and cooking then actually enjoying my holidays, so for me it was not an option this year  🙂 . A hotel a bit closer to the beach would have been nicer, but the staff was so friendly and helpful ( They made you feel like you were staying at your family) that the 10 minute drive to the beach didn’t matter anymore. In fact, we liked the hotel that much that we even stayed an extra night (another reason was that in Belgium it was raining a lot and we didn’t feel like rain yet 😉 )

Pahor Family Room Hotel Pahor

Something that made our day was the breakfast… the most important meal of day 🙂 My wife and I still dream of the tepid apricot jam filled brioche/croissant we got for breakfast. The rest of the breakfast was obviously also nice, but that croissant just upgraded it 🙂 (or at least for us). I was also surprised how close the hotel was located in a small town (Doberdo del Lago) to the Slovenian border. We just had to cross the street and we were in Solvenia… although the hotel was located in Italy, you could tell the Slovenian influence was there (more than in Monfalcone which is 5min from Doberdo). Not that I didn’t like it, I’m just saying that I noticed it…  you basically get 2 countries for the price of 1 😉 🙂 I have to be honest that I never knew there was a lake so close to where my zia lives… and I’ve been coming here since I was 3months old.

Doberdo del Lago

We also got lucky with the hotel’s restaurant that served very nice food. They had a really nice choice of fresh fishes, meat, pasta… basically whatever you heart desires and let’s not forget accompanied by a nice glass of wine. Feast your eyes on some dishes we had. The dishes might look simple, but they were very tasty and that’s what matters most to me!

Ravioli filled with scallops and a shrimp sauce Carpaccio Tagliatta Shrimps Crespelle Tuna tartar Swordfish Pork meat

If you would have the chance, do also check out their wine cellar!! Especially on a hot summer days it is a nice place to cool down 🙂 For groups they also serve food in the wine cellar

Art in wine cellar The most beautiful machine

Basically I strongly recommend the hotel and hope we’ll be able to visit them again

You can find more info on their website: http://hotelpahor.com/en/

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