Burgerista delight in Salzburg

I remember when still travelling with my parents to Italy, we would never make a overnight stop. Would drive in 1day from Belgium to our destination or at least in the beginning, when my parents got older this changed. When my wife and I travel (and we’ve been together for 17years already) by car we always do it in 2 times. Especially now with our little girl it still like the best option, as otherwise you’ll arrive or come back home with more stress than before. The first day I do drive the biggest part, have a good dinner and night of sleep and continue the next day to drive a few more hours to arrive at our destination. This time we made a stop in the beautiful Salzburg (Austria) aka the town where Wolfgang-Amadeus Mozart was born :-). It wasn’t our first time to stop here on our way to Italy, so we did already know our way around the picturesque town. The only point of discussion last time we were here was where to have dinner 🙂 . I normally do my homework, but when we were here a few years ago I just didn’t do it. This time I did write down a few places to make sure I had a “plan B”. Another extra point of attention this time is that we were not just us 2 anymore and let’s just say that a 1 yr old isn’t made for having long meals in a posh restaurant 😉 🙂

In the end I didn’t need my “plan B” as while walking around in the old part of Salzburg city we saw a very nice looking hamburger restaurant called Burgerista. I know it isn’t very Austria-like, the place just looked good and let’s be honest who doesn’t like a fresh “home-made” hamburger??  As it was still a bit too early to eat and our sweet little monkey had fallen asleep (moments to cherish 🙂  ) we thought a nice glass of wine or bubbles seemed like a great way to start our holiday… especially after such a long drive we deserved it. This brought us to Wein & Co that remembered from last time we were here.  Wein & Co is a wine bar/wine shop with a very nice wine selection for everybody’s taste and wallet 🙂 (from Austria and abroad). Definitely a place to recommend!

Wein and co2

Wein and co

When our little angel woke up, it was time to finish our drink and set sail to Burgerista. A place that somehow reminded me of “Lunchbox” a burger restaurant we go to from time to time in Antwerp. Burgerista was everything we hoped for!!! Juicy burgers, child friendly and nice place to sit…

Burgerista 1 Burgerista 2 Burgerista 3

They had a very nice selection of both classic burgers as a few “special” burgers and even a custom build burger where you can choose yourself what you want between those buns 🙂 🙂

Juicy burger 1 Juicy burger 2 Juicy burger 3

A juicy burger obviously needs a good sauce or better a home-made sauce. I now they had lots of nice homemade lemonades, but for me a burger needs a coke… for me this is like a horse and carriage 🙂

homemade sauces

There was 1 thing that every hamburger restaurant should have, a sink in the restaurant itself to wash your hands with good smelling soap to get rid of the fatty smell of your fingers 🙂  I know I could easily go to the toilet to wash them, but sometimes laziness wins…


VERY satisfied we had a nice walk to our hotel to have a good night sleep to continue our road towards Friuli Venezia Guilia.  Can’t wait for my next Burgerista

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