A million reasons to go to the Taste of Antwerp

Antwerpen proeft

Not that I need that much convincing to go to the “Taste of Antwerp”, but maybe you guys do? So let me give you a looooooooot of reasons why shouldn’t miss this year’s edition that will take place from May 9th to 12th.

The first reason would already be the fact that some friends and acquaintances of mine are participating at this year’s edition, like 12 place du marché, Comocomo, mamakookt, De Schone van Boskoop (Michelin awarded), restaurant Ardent , ‘t Leeuwekopke and also Cheese masters Van Tricht… and if those names are not enough do check the rest of the list of participating restaurants and get blown away!! There are even some restaurants on it that I have on my wish list (some got added during the press conference 🙂 ) and I’m not only talking about the still to open “La Chapelle” 🙂

Antwerpen proeft groep foto

This year’s edition has changed a bit according to last editions. First of all “Taste of Antwerp” changed the location from the Vlaamse/ Waalsekaai to Waagnatie (in Navigation system you need to enter Rijnkaai 150). Secondly, and I know it might seem like bad news at first, but since this year an entrance fee of 5 EUR will be asked… but in exchange and in addition to your “entrance ticket” they give you 2 beverage vouchers… so the entrance fee is more a symbolic fee if you ask me.

Cheese masters van tricht

Something else that is new on this year edition is the “Bowers & Wilkins Theater”. At this theater you’ll be able to follow master classes and cooking demonstrations from participating chefs, Beer & wine tastings, Autographing sessions, etc… The full schedule will soon come online.

I hear you think, this all sounds nice, but will the actual food cost me? Well the dishes will be costing between 4 and 7 EUR, which is a very reasonable price considering you’ll be able to try dishes from 3, 2 and 1 Michelin star awarded restaurants, explore new types of cuisines like Peruvian, Nepalees or Ethiopian. If you are as greedy as me and feel like trying everything from every restaurant, it might indeed get more expensive than imagined, but you guys won’t worry that is just very greedy me talking 😉

In case you feel like lifting it up a notch, you might consider taking the VIP-arrangement? This arrangement costs 99,99 EUR and has to be booked online via following link . But what do you get for this price? A very important question, I’ve listed it up for you:

1 + Entrance to Taste of Antwerp and the Bowers & Wilkins Theater (valid whole day)
2 + Access to the luxurious VIP pavilion.
3 + Reception by a hostess
4 + A glass of Perrier-Jouët champagne at arrival
5 + Coupons for Taste of Antwerp dishes with a value of 40 EUR
6 + Beer and cheese pairing with the Cheese masters Michel Van Tricht & Son and the Duvel Moortgat  Brewsery
7 + Beverage à volonté
8 + Goodie bag

You can check the Taste of Antwerp website for more details.

It doesn’t matter which formula you choose to come to the Taste of Antwerp, the most important of it all is that you can enjoy some of the best food Antwerp has to offer! Nothing better than friend, family and great food all in 1 spot! FYI I have already tried some of dishes that will be served and I can say for a fact they are tasty!

Anyway I could keep naming reason why to come, but I have to stop somewhere

I do hope to see you guys at the Taste of Antwerp!

Thursday May 9th between 14.00 – 24.00 u
Friday May 10th between 14.00 – 24.00 u
Saturday May 11th between 14.00 – 24.00 u
Sunday May 12th between 14.00 – 22.00 u

Antwerpen proeft

Taste of Antwerp: News flash

Taste of Antwerp

The list of chefs that will be present at “taste of Antwerp” next month just keeps getting better and better! They already had an impressive list (including some friends of mine) with cheese maturers Michel & Frederick Van Tricht, Thomas Coenen with his team of 12 Place du marché, the lovely ladies of Mama kookt and a bunch of Michelin star awarded chefs, restaurant Ardent, ‘t leeuwekopke, etc…. but the cherry on the cake for me is without any doubt that Sergio Herman and Nick Bril (Sergio’s sous-chef) will be presenting some of “La Chapelle’s” dishes. For you who don’t know “La Chapelle” yet, this is the new restaurant project of Sergio Herman in Antwerp on which they have already been working for 2 years and will finally be opening January 2014 (I’m counting the days for it to open!!). The executive chef in this restaurant will be Nick Bril who has already been for a while at Sergio’s side. So if you already want a sneak peak of what “La Chapelle” will be offering on their menu! (Although I think you’ll have to wait in line for a bit).

La Chapelle

Hope to see you there!

You can find the list of restaurant that already confirmed their participation on the following link

Taste of Antwerp

9 – 12 May at “Waagnatie”

Rijnkaai 150, 2000 Antwerp

Taste of Flanders

Taste of Antwerp chefs

Ever wanted to try all the best restaurants Flanders has to offer in as less time possible? I know I have, but as you might know from all my previous blog posts I’m a very greedy person when it comes to food. For all the other people who are like me, I have some good stuff coming. Food brings people together, this is a fact that everybody knows. So many cities/ regions started bringing together all those food lovers and the best food/restaurants/products their city or region has to offer. I can only support things like this! I’ve listed the upcoming events that will get you through the spring, summer and autumn: (Press the name to get more info on the event)

8-12/05 “Gent Smaakt

9-12/05 “Antwerpen proeft

7-9/06 “Limburg proeft

17/09 “Proef Brussel

28-30/09 “Kookeet” (Bruges)

Enjoy and I hope to bump into you guys!

FYI, I’ll check if they also have events like this in the Southern part of Belgium, as they also have some great restaurants and products! Keep you posted.

Gent Smaakt

Kookeet (c) Wolfgang Ban Proef Brussel  Taste of Antwerp