Taste of Flanders

Taste of Antwerp chefs

Ever wanted to try all the best restaurants Flanders has to offer in as less time possible? I know I have, but as you might know from all my previous blog posts I’m a very greedy person when it comes to food. For all the other people who are like me, I have some good stuff coming. Food brings people together, this is a fact that everybody knows. So many cities/ regions started bringing together all those food lovers and the best food/restaurants/products their city or region has to offer. I can only support things like this! I’ve listed the upcoming events that will get you through the spring, summer and autumn: (Press the name to get more info on the event)

8-12/05 “Gent Smaakt

9-12/05 “Antwerpen proeft

7-9/06 “Limburg proeft

17/09 “Proef Brussel

28-30/09 “Kookeet” (Bruges)

Enjoy and I hope to bump into you guys!

FYI, I’ll check if they also have events like this in the Southern part of Belgium, as they also have some great restaurants and products! Keep you posted.

Gent Smaakt

Kookeet (c) Wolfgang Ban Proef Brussel  Taste of Antwerp

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