Smooth and Tasty

I highly recommend this restaurant everyone, it is perfect for 2 or for a whole group! A while ago the guys from work wanted to have dinner somewhere, and as you all might know finding a place where you can enter with 10-12 people is not always easy. So I suggested to go to Smooth & Tasty, a restaurant I had already enjoyed eating at a few times before. What actually surprised me is that when I called to reserve the table, we didn’t have to take a menu with the whole group… Yes indeed, you’ve heard it correctly

The owner prefers it this way as it  might be too difficult to find dishes everybody loves, etc….  The day we went to the restaurant I think almost everybody took something different… and still everything got served at the same time and we didn’t have to wait endlessly but we did take some tapas to start to give the kitchen some time (as we were not the only people in the restaurant). I remember everybody having enjoyed what they had ordered. And this for very reasonable prices.

Smooth & Tasty has all kind of different dishes on their Menu. At first you might think that this will have an influence on the food, but everything you eat there is from high quality and well prepared. I usually eat Thai food there as the Thai food at Smooth & Tasty is – in my opinion – better than in some Thai restaurants I’ve been before.  Colleagues of mine tried duck, steaks, etc… and they also had to admit that the quality was superb.

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